Monday, April 25, 2011

bas baik bas jahat

dulu2, awal tahun ni la, selepas ambik ilham dari taska,

ilham: umi, td ilham nmpk bas umi jahat.
umi: bas umi jahat?macamana tu?
ilham: ye la, bas umi marah

pada waktu yg lain, masa dalam kereta,

ilham: tu bas umi jahat tu, dia marah
umi: mana?
ilham: tu bas ofis umi tu
umi: ???(bas jahat?)
umi: bas yg kt depan tu baik ke jahat?
ilham: baik. dia senyum

sekarang ni baru paham, rupa2nya,

kiri: bas jahat
kanan: bas senyum
dapat bezakan?hehe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

bengkel e-Filing

last saturday (16 april 2011), we had successfully organized half-day bengkel e-filing at our campus. it was a community service provided to people living nearby. almost 20 agencies/organizations and 30 schools were invited to attend this bengkel.

e-Filing, is a system to fill up the tax form online available at LHDN's website. this bengkel aimed to expose and provide help and facilitate people on how to report and use the system for tax purpose. we, as government servants and have income must report our income by submitting the tax form. our bengkel only considered those people who have received monthly income from salary/wages and not from business/other additional income earned. so, we focused on BE form (permastautin yang tidak menjalankan perniagaan). this form must be submitted before 30 April every year.

throughout the day, we managed to get almost 100 employees attending our bengkel. insyaAllah, this activity will become our annual activity with the hope that the participants will increase next time.

special thanks to:
- lhdn staff for the helps
- AJKs
- colleagues
- lab technician
- participants
- all

masa perasmian

p/s: next time, i wanna be a perunding pulak