Tuesday, November 24, 2009

long vacation..n happy eidul adha 1430h

long school break comes again this end of year. me too. actually,im working.but i can use up my annual leave..ye la..to spend time with my family in kampung..jln2 cari makan. but, suddenly, i got 16-day course to attend. 16 day tuuu..2 hari punn..dh rasa lama bebenoo..biasa la..kursus induksi..it's compulsory to confirm my post.ok..i'll keep about the course for the next entry.

i bet this is my last post b4 i go back to kampung, celebrating eidul adha..yaa..u know. im offline out of my office. happy,sad, tk best, best..all comes in. the happy and best one is because of the journey back to kampung for hari raya (cant wait). and the opposite one as we probably shall celebrate the eid in hujan mencurah2,lecah,becak,sejuk,berangin,air naik..ye la..musim banjir kat sana. but, luckily,my house is situated at kawasan tinggi. syukur alhamdulillah..tk tahulah mereka yg kat kawasn rendah tu..whatever the weather, it's still bring a lot of rahmah to us.

p/s: salam eid mubarak to all muslim out there. till we meet again...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A special entry for the special teenager-to-be on the special day.

Abdul 'Adzim

the result for Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) this year has been released today. All std 6 students could get the results from their respective schools. and this year, my nephew, Abdul Adzim,
  • the first nephew of mine,
  • the firts grandchild in our family and
  • the eldest child in his family as well,

has seated that first ever among major exams in his life. and...., heyyy..alhamdulillah and congratulation my dear, u did very very well..5A totally in your hand (kalah mokteh). u have made ur umi and abah proud. and u did show to all of us that u can do it even...yaaa..ur parent forced u the most. actually, they were not forcing u, but it was all for ur own good. yaa..yaa.yeee.....i remember my promise. i wont break it. and we all cant wait to fulfill our promise. till then...see u in kampung..

p/s: it just the beginning. u still have long way to go. keep ur energy and passion and mind better. hope u can face whatever challenges that are coming in. we pray all good for u.amiin.

Monday, November 16, 2009

with love

alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.

my abe will be transferring to his new school somewhere in ipoh beginning next year. at last, after 2 years staying separately with his beloved wife and boys. released one problem that comes in mind for almost everyday especially on Sunday. we never stayed together as working parent.and i do think on how to manage my family when both of us are working and the kids needed to be sent to their respective school. mesti kalut ni especially when both of us are in hurry to work in the early morning. i've to change my current system staying alone with the kids to adapt with my abe coming in on our weekday life. yaa, of course, i should wake up early in the morning, prepare for the breakfast and send those kids to kindy and school, pick azami up at 11am, cook after work. i cant wait to do that. and im sure, my abe is a hardworking and responsible man. he will lend his hands on me to do the house chores and... kids as well.

p/s: alhamdulillah, im married with almost 'all-good' guy, good life-partner n the best ever father for the boyz. happy family always.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

higher education professional course

another course.sigh.

4-day course; named Higher Education Professional Training programme 15, specially for young lecturers like me, organized by Akademi pengajian tinggi (Akept), venue for this time was at Vistana Hotel kl.

an earlier comment about this programme; wrong timing as we were bz with marking during the time. other comments/suggestions have been written in the feedback form provided.
(skema nye ayat..hehe).

the contents?hmm..very good actually. suitable for us, young lecturers. among other pengisian were about road to success: the next journey of young lecturers; from MA to PHD, from new lect to senior lect to assoc. prof..and so on so forth. we also dealt with communication skills and a little bit on the tips2 to handle students and to create and grab the opportunity of way of success.

vistana hotel? so so la. room was very nice and comfortable except that it was so cold even after turning the aircond off. foods?good n i thought asyik makan makan n makan. felt like tembam dh pipi duduk 4 hari kat situ.


the good thing i gained from the course was i made new friends; 38 of us which supposed to be 100 capacity of participants. and tak sangka kawan i kat Upsi pun attend jugak; Nor Zu namanya. and on the 2nd last day, her hubby n kids as well came n overnight with her. hey, on that night also we spent our time ronda2 kl (g sogo je..he) as we didnt have any 'talk' that night. so, all of us (mostly) rounded sogo n i managed to get handbag..hehe.

p/s: thanks a lot to Prof Dr Sufean Hussin, Dr Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, Prof Dr Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Prof Dr Abd Majid Mohd Isa, Dr Jumiati Ismail (Uitm mari), Prof Dr Jamaluddin Tubah for the talks and to all secretariat and all my friends and newly-met friends as well, nice to meet u all. till we meet again next time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tabikarama and Graduation Day

finally, azami had his graduation day. and the good part was, he got award for 'anugerah kategori kebersihan terbaik'. see, how clean he is...hehehe..ye la..makan..licin, buku...bersihh je..apperance?.ok la..heheeh..see his umi la..how good his umi is..hehe (also his abah). also, during the day, we were entertained by the yang diraikan, the little boys and girls performances. 4 tabikas took part. first, presented Gema Malaysia dance. 2nd, tarian bollywood. 3rd, tarian twist and our beloved little boy's tabika, pakaian beragam. he supposed to act as a 'pemuda melayu', but refused to be on stage (almaklumla..umi and abah ada). he was ready already, with the baju melayu n samping, songkok with kerongsang and capal. puas pujuk, tak nak jugak. luckily, he wanted to received the scroll and award. so, ada la gambar utk kenangan.

kids in action with their respective 'pakaian beragam';
boxing athlete, senior citizen, pemuda melayu, architect, soldier, punjabi

on stage; sang lagu negaraku song, tarian gema malaysia,
pakaian beragam, tarian twist and tarian bollywood

p/s: congratulation little boy. with love...umi n abah

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Preschool briefing


i just came back from attending preschool meeting. There was a briefing regarding the preschool for 2010 session. i've posted one entry about azami is going to preschool next year (read here). i'm so excited and...speechless, it is time for azami moves one step forward in his life. yaa..school time. sedar tak sedar, dh besar pun anak jate kito tu..

the briefing was all about the introduction, the activities held, school time, uniform, rules and of course the fees payment. and i thought, i was the younger mother with the first child going to school in the meeting..hehehe..yg lain nmpk macam dh berpengalaman je anak gi sekolah.

so, i've settled the fees, ordered the uniform and....settled all things. anything left, just to confirm the registration and collect all that supposed to be collected at the beginning of next year.

yg risaunye, habih kul 11.10pg, aku habih kuliah 11.50pg..cmna tu?

p/s: thanks a lot to Pn Nurishah, PK for the briefing and to all involved. thanks for the meals.

Monday, November 2, 2009

pudak bojeng..

tak sempat jugak nak tunggu dekat raya haji. rambut budak2 ni panjang bebenor dh. so, kena la pi kedai gunting rambut 'Krishnan', the only one place we go to cut hair (mereka ber3 la, abe, ami n ilham) kat sini. azami ok je bila kena mesi pencukur. dia dh besar dan dh biasa. ilham, ok dah jugak sekarang ni. dulu2, kena dok dekat dan kena pegang dia. bila nk letak kain kat badan, terus meraung..hehe.takut agaknya. terpaksa lah mesin rambut tanpa kain alas. habih lekat rambut kat baju. yg kelakarnya, masa tgh cukur guna mesin, agaknya geli kot, dia buat kepala dia macam tu..(tk gheti nk desribe hehe). skang tidak lg. umi ngan abah pun boleh duduk dan tgk je 2 org tu buat memek muka masa tgh dicukur rambut (comel..hehhe).

big bro

kedai ni baguih la. setiap kali tgk, tk pernah tutup (of course tutup la kalau raya dia), ramai pelanggan plak tu. tmbh2 kalau musim2 perayaan dn dekat nk bukak sekolah. pekerja pun ramai (semuanya indian). ada 4 kerusi semuanya. pekerja kat situ pun dh kenal kami sekeluarga. dr jauh nmpk, terus angkat tgn. yelah, mana taknya, dh byk kali pi kedai dia. dan layanan bos dia baguslah. very friendly and talkative. nk tarik customer kot..hehe..kalau ramai org, dan kena tunggu giliran, dia akan cuba berbual dgn customer disamping berkata " tunggu sekejap ye..ramai org hari ni". bagi saya, baik dia bgtau drpada kita dok tunggu je tanpa sebarang kata yg menyedapkan hati. dh selesai, ucap terima kasih plak. harga? tk ingat le (sebab abe yg bayar..hehe). tp rasanya RM 4@3 per child.

adik dio..hehe


bercakap tentang kedai dan layanan, teringat zaman dolu2. masa zaman sekolah. masa zaman ma masih lagi menjaga kedai runcitnya. masa tu, kitorang 6 beradik bergilir2 menjaga kedai. masing2 ada shift. shift yg selalu menjadi rebutan ialah shift petang lepas asar. sebab masanya pendek..hehe..smpi maghrib je.yg paling malas nk jg ialah shift pagi. pagi byk keje. kena sapu sampah. bakar smph. kul 11am tutup peti. keluarkan air batu takung, potong dua. masukkan dlm plastik (masa tu tkde ais batu kiub lagi). susun air botol, tin dlm peti..dn sebagainya. pendek kata shift pagi byk keje la..nk tunggu smpi abih shift. next shift plak..mau kul 3ptg baru amik alih. shift pagi jugak kalut ngan budak sekolah . sekolah tadika, pasti, sekelah rendah. budak2 ni sekali serang, uish.tk menang tgn. yg palin relax, shift tghari. tp time shift ni memang mengantuk gile. sbb tu boleh dikatakan tkde pelanggan time ni..sumer dok tdo kot..hehe..yg ada budak2 je. tp aku..tk kisah shift mana2 pun. aku sian kat ma je..pagi..asyik dok kejutkan kitorg je.suh mai jaga kedai..sbb ma nk gi beli barang. so, kalu tkde yg nk amik shift pagi. aku le yg amik. tp smpi je kedai, kena sound dulu le..hehe (ma n we dok umah kedai, kitorang dok rumah lain kat belakang, selang 3, 4 buah rumah je).

byk betul kenangan indah pahit manis masa jaga kedai. barang harus diingat. dgn jasa kedai tu la kitorng membesar dn jadi seperti apa yg kitorg jadi sekarang ni. miss it so much.

p/s: plan nk bukak kedai jugak satu hari nanti