Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tabikarama and Graduation Day

finally, azami had his graduation day. and the good part was, he got award for 'anugerah kategori kebersihan terbaik'. see, how clean he la..makan..licin, buku...bersihh je..apperance?.ok la..heheeh..see his umi good his umi is..hehe (also his abah). also, during the day, we were entertained by the yang diraikan, the little boys and girls performances. 4 tabikas took part. first, presented Gema Malaysia dance. 2nd, tarian bollywood. 3rd, tarian twist and our beloved little boy's tabika, pakaian beragam. he supposed to act as a 'pemuda melayu', but refused to be on stage (almaklumla..umi and abah ada). he was ready already, with the baju melayu n samping, songkok with kerongsang and capal. puas pujuk, tak nak jugak. luckily, he wanted to received the scroll and award. so, ada la gambar utk kenangan.

kids in action with their respective 'pakaian beragam';
boxing athlete, senior citizen, pemuda melayu, architect, soldier, punjabi

on stage; sang lagu negaraku song, tarian gema malaysia,
pakaian beragam, tarian twist and tarian bollywood

p/s: congratulation little boy. with love...umi n abah

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