Tuesday, November 24, 2009

long vacation..n happy eidul adha 1430h

long school break comes again this end of year. me too. actually,im working.but i can use up my annual leave..ye la..to spend time with my family in kampung..jln2 cari makan. but, suddenly, i got 16-day course to attend. 16 day tuuu..2 hari punn..dh rasa lama bebenoo..biasa la..kursus induksi..it's compulsory to confirm my post.ok..i'll keep about the course for the next entry.

i bet this is my last post b4 i go back to kampung, celebrating eidul adha..yaa..u know. im offline out of my office. happy,sad, tk best, best..all comes in. the happy and best one is because of the journey back to kampung for hari raya (cant wait). and the opposite one as we probably shall celebrate the eid in hujan mencurah2,lecah,becak,sejuk,berangin,air naik..ye la..musim banjir kat sana. but, luckily,my house is situated at kawasan tinggi. syukur alhamdulillah..tk tahulah mereka yg kat kawasn rendah tu..whatever the weather, it's still bring a lot of rahmah to us.

p/s: salam eid mubarak to all muslim out there. till we meet again...

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