Sunday, November 15, 2009

higher education professional course

another course.sigh.

4-day course; named Higher Education Professional Training programme 15, specially for young lecturers like me, organized by Akademi pengajian tinggi (Akept), venue for this time was at Vistana Hotel kl.

an earlier comment about this programme; wrong timing as we were bz with marking during the time. other comments/suggestions have been written in the feedback form provided.
(skema nye ayat..hehe).

the contents?hmm..very good actually. suitable for us, young lecturers. among other pengisian were about road to success: the next journey of young lecturers; from MA to PHD, from new lect to senior lect to assoc. prof..and so on so forth. we also dealt with communication skills and a little bit on the tips2 to handle students and to create and grab the opportunity of way of success.

vistana hotel? so so la. room was very nice and comfortable except that it was so cold even after turning the aircond off. foods?good n i thought asyik makan makan n makan. felt like tembam dh pipi duduk 4 hari kat situ.


the good thing i gained from the course was i made new friends; 38 of us which supposed to be 100 capacity of participants. and tak sangka kawan i kat Upsi pun attend jugak; Nor Zu namanya. and on the 2nd last day, her hubby n kids as well came n overnight with her. hey, on that night also we spent our time ronda2 kl (g sogo je..he) as we didnt have any 'talk' that night. so, all of us (mostly) rounded sogo n i managed to get handbag..hehe.

p/s: thanks a lot to Prof Dr Sufean Hussin, Dr Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, Prof Dr Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Prof Dr Abd Majid Mohd Isa, Dr Jumiati Ismail (Uitm mari), Prof Dr Jamaluddin Tubah for the talks and to all secretariat and all my friends and newly-met friends as well, nice to meet u all. till we meet again next time.

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