Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project & coursework supervision course


too many courses have been attended so far and need to be attended in the future (owh man).

i've gone through 3 courses already, 1 course will be attending next week.

recently, i attended a course called 'kursus project & coursework supervision' - compulsory for new lecturers (im not so la).

looking at the course-name, i have no idea. But actually, it more specifically and supposed to be for those who deals with projects and studio-based learning or such - not much suitable for coursework-based learning. yet, no regret, i still could gain something from that 1 day-course.

- different level of thinking/knowledge (Bloom, 1956)

1) lower order -
  • knowledge
  • comprehension
2) intermediate -
  • application
  • analysis
3) higher order -
  • synthesis
  • evaluation
Bloom revised, adding with 'creation' n without 'synthesis' - as suggested by Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001.

conclusion: For assessment purpose, different marks allocation, timing and students for different types of questions

1) state 2 examples of foods - 1 mark each (in 1 minute)

2) describe what is meant by 'foods' - 5 marks (in 2 minutes)

3) discuss the meaning of 'foods' - 10 marks (in 10 minutes)

- 2 sides of brain (mustafa 1998, referred to the work of Gardner 1982, Martel and Kline 1989)

LEFT BRAIN = used to refer to those who love to find out sth; those who prefer more on:
  • language
  • mathematical formulae
  • numbers
  • sequence
  • linearity
  • analysis
  • words of song
RIGHT BRAIN = usually for those who love to create something; those who like:
  • form and patterns
  • spatial manipulation
  • rhythm and music
  • images/pictures
  • imagination
  • daydreaming
  • tune of a song
so, which brain are u referring to? who is behaving like the left brain, or the right one, or both?
u do have a brain, dont you?..heheeh

Sunday, March 22, 2009


NUSANTAIRA, used to be the motto for our family day

The event was held on 21 March 2009 (Saturday) at Padang C. The residents, excluding students, were divided into 7 contingents, to form their own representatives to involve in every games held during that day. Me myself was in group 6 under En. Mohamad Nor Mohamed Alwi as tok ketua. Actually i did nothing, hehe, just be an ahli lelap. But, i did attend the event, as an observer (ok la tu).

Actually, the soft launching was on the 3-days-before, that was on 18 March 2009 by PK, with the releasing of fishes into Tasik Madu for fishing tournament. On 20 March, there was a gotong royong melapah daging lembu (dengar cerita 3 ekor) at 5.00pm. At night, there were volleybal tournaments and wayang pacak while having a hot sup tulang and roti (slurrp).

The real day of event came into the picture on the following day, began with the launching by PK and followed by senamrobik. Then, a lot of interesting games and sukaneka, for adults and children, took place. Among the games, there were drawing competition, lari dlm guni, masuk benang dlm jarung, masuk air dlm botol, sketch picture of partner, futsal, and many more.

Frustratedly, i didnt take part in any of such games (payah ngan anak2..hehe). cant wait to see them growing up so that we can joint in all activities and get the presents offered

hehe things
- such a cheerful and happening event
- a lot of gifts offered
- support from top management..pengurusan dalaman pun turun padang..
- ada aiskrim (walls ke kings ke..lupe ler)
- lucky draws

huhu things
- panas terik
- ada kemuncup le kat padang
- menu for lunch tak best except for ice cream
- tak dpt lucky draw sebab tak regist
- tak leh main..waaa..frust..
- lum habih, dh balik..penat menengok..not penat took part..

p/s: anyway..the best ever family day that i've joined in (ye la..baru jadi warga since 7/1/2008)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ARC2008@Hillcity Ipoh

Named, Accounting Research Conference 2008, was a 1 day program organized by us in collaboration with Accounting Research Institute. It was the 1st in-kind program ever held by us. The conference was held on 1 December 2008 at Hillcity Hotel and Condo, Ipoh with the objectives to give opportunity to researchers in presenting papers and share ideas about the issues related to the field of accounting. it gathered 16 presenters from all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. 2 were from Sabah and the rest were from west Malaysia, particularly from UM,UUM and UiTM itself. Me myself actually was one of the presenters and one of the AJK Secretariat and Registration.

the organizing committees

The conference started with the singing of Negaraku, followed by recitation of Doa and launching by PK after welcoming speech by mr chairman. The majlis continued with the keynote address by Deputy Dean before having a tea break.

Then, presentation session began with 6 presenters presented their working papers. Next session followed by 5 presenters including me and 5 during the last session. The topics presented were basically dealt with accounting education, financial accounting, auditing, corporate governance as well as management accounting. The conference finished at 5.15pm with high-tea session.

During the post-mortem meeting, we've decided to make this conference as a faculty's activity at least once in 2 years. Hopefully, it will succeed as planned. Overall, the participants rated the quality of the confenrence as 'very good' and the useful of presentations as 'somewhat useful'. The printed handouts were rated as 'very useful' to the respondents.

p/s: ARC2010..we're coming..see ya..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2-day course

it was a compulsory course for new lecturers, named 'English for Effective Teaching'. It should be 'English for Effective Communication' as proposed by Pengarah kampus. The course was held on 10 to 11 march 2009 at auditorium. The objectives of this course were to increase the level of confidence among lecturers in using English during the lectures and also to expose them the effective techniques of communication using English language. Actually, it was a 2-day course, more on the group activities, like LDK and such. From 60 participants (should be lessser), it became 3 small groups consisted of 20 persons (or less) for a group. Luckily i was in the 3rd group as my name starts with 'w' and under supervision of En. Ahmad Noruddin (as a facilitator). Thanks a bunch sir..

what happened..

as usual, the course began with the keynote from PK.
next, started the LDK, Ice Breaking Session whereby we chose the partner whose birth date was closest. Finally, i'd got one guy, from fine art department. Then, we introduced each other in front of others at bilik tayangan 2- started to practise talking in english.

workshop 1, after lunch, was all about the pronounciation and dictionary skills. It was good enaugh to be in this workshop since it taught us on how to use the dictionary (the big and complete one). Those who were from APB or had background in studying english language might be bored attending this workshop as they knew already the dictionary skills. But, for me, it was ,actually, a new knowledge. Dealt with many unfamiliar symbols, how to pronounce the words according to that symbols and all sorts.

workshop 2 began the day. It was all about the questioning strategis, how to ask, when, types of questions, levels of questions, and so on.

next session was in audi - revised about the grammar.

the last session, what was called, sharing session 2: language in practice. During this session, we were required to give lecture/teach about anything and of course, in English. We were the 1st group, talking about 'how to reduce stress' and...we did it..thanks to my group members..the group of 5..nice to be in our group.

about it..
1) increase confidence
2) cant wait to enter the class with new feeling
3) talking in english at home
4) got new friends
5) the foods were delicious
6) this post appeared..