Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ARC2008@Hillcity Ipoh

Named, Accounting Research Conference 2008, was a 1 day program organized by us in collaboration with Accounting Research Institute. It was the 1st in-kind program ever held by us. The conference was held on 1 December 2008 at Hillcity Hotel and Condo, Ipoh with the objectives to give opportunity to researchers in presenting papers and share ideas about the issues related to the field of accounting. it gathered 16 presenters from all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. 2 were from Sabah and the rest were from west Malaysia, particularly from UM,UUM and UiTM itself. Me myself actually was one of the presenters and one of the AJK Secretariat and Registration.

the organizing committees

The conference started with the singing of Negaraku, followed by recitation of Doa and launching by PK after welcoming speech by mr chairman. The majlis continued with the keynote address by Deputy Dean before having a tea break.

Then, presentation session began with 6 presenters presented their working papers. Next session followed by 5 presenters including me and 5 during the last session. The topics presented were basically dealt with accounting education, financial accounting, auditing, corporate governance as well as management accounting. The conference finished at 5.15pm with high-tea session.

During the post-mortem meeting, we've decided to make this conference as a faculty's activity at least once in 2 years. Hopefully, it will succeed as planned. Overall, the participants rated the quality of the confenrence as 'very good' and the useful of presentations as 'somewhat useful'. The printed handouts were rated as 'very useful' to the respondents.

p/s: ARC2010..we're coming..see ya..

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