Sunday, March 22, 2009


NUSANTAIRA, used to be the motto for our family day

The event was held on 21 March 2009 (Saturday) at Padang C. The residents, excluding students, were divided into 7 contingents, to form their own representatives to involve in every games held during that day. Me myself was in group 6 under En. Mohamad Nor Mohamed Alwi as tok ketua. Actually i did nothing, hehe, just be an ahli lelap. But, i did attend the event, as an observer (ok la tu).

Actually, the soft launching was on the 3-days-before, that was on 18 March 2009 by PK, with the releasing of fishes into Tasik Madu for fishing tournament. On 20 March, there was a gotong royong melapah daging lembu (dengar cerita 3 ekor) at 5.00pm. At night, there were volleybal tournaments and wayang pacak while having a hot sup tulang and roti (slurrp).

The real day of event came into the picture on the following day, began with the launching by PK and followed by senamrobik. Then, a lot of interesting games and sukaneka, for adults and children, took place. Among the games, there were drawing competition, lari dlm guni, masuk benang dlm jarung, masuk air dlm botol, sketch picture of partner, futsal, and many more.

Frustratedly, i didnt take part in any of such games (payah ngan anak2..hehe). cant wait to see them growing up so that we can joint in all activities and get the presents offered

hehe things
- such a cheerful and happening event
- a lot of gifts offered
- support from top management..pengurusan dalaman pun turun padang..
- ada aiskrim (walls ke kings ke..lupe ler)
- lucky draws

huhu things
- panas terik
- ada kemuncup le kat padang
- menu for lunch tak best except for ice cream
- tak dpt lucky draw sebab tak regist
- tak leh main..waaa..frust..
- lum habih, dh balik..penat menengok..not penat took part..

p/s: anyway..the best ever family day that i've joined in (ye la..baru jadi warga since 7/1/2008)

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