Tuesday, December 8, 2009

induksi oh induksi

heard that name, dh rasa gerun, runsing, risau, best..and many more..and i bet it is full with talk, talk n talk. yaa it did. talk after talk and after talk. how many talk to be listened to haaa.aarrgghhh..tensionnn. a lot of must-do-assignments. organize dinner lagi...

for those out there, this course is a prerequisite to be confirmed in the service.. so..in whatever means, whatever reasons, must attend and lulus dengan jayanya.no excuse. but..i want 'lulus dengan cemerlang'.hehhe.ambitious

-the largest participant has ever attended (used to 100++)
-the first time was held at puncak alam (sebelum ni kat pusat latihan), the first time for the organizer too, handling 400++ participants..
-paling kalut, kelam kabut, paling sibuk, paling byk keje,paling lama
-paling byk talk,paling kelakar,
-mcm2 peristiwa terjadi

and..actually, im still in puncak alam right now. blog a little bit about this experience. only on the day 8. still have 8 days to suffer.hehehe.be patient kakwe..u can do it..yes, yes, i can do it.

to be continued.

top view of the faculty

okay..day 15, at last..already submitted the assignmentsssss.what left?exams on the last day.tomorrow will be the exams.and back off to kb at night. cant wait.miss the loves one very much.

last night, we had grand dinner organised totally by us, participants. i was in technical bureau, handling all technical matters: mic, lptop, lcd projector, tv, sound system, lighting and so on. OMG, we did it perfectly, successfully. alhamdulillah. everything was smoothly done. thanks to all committees.

all about the dinner:

hall decoration

- we've turned the dewan makan to the exclusive and grand dinner hall.
- about 40 round tables, with recycle-mineral-water-bottle candle and origami on it
- 4 buffet stations (to fit 420 ladies n gentlemen)
-the hall surrounded by our own-made group flags (20 alltogether).
-3 VIP tables

Main Menu:

-nasi beriani/nasi putih
-ayam pedas
-udang pedas
-daging black pepper (tk mcm black pepper pun)

- caramel
-banana n pandan roll n cup cakes
-cold syrup, hot tea/coffee as beverages

- 9 superb performances;qoirs, bollydance, singing, pentomen, nasyid, video clips.
very unexpected, they are all so talented. i loved video clips,mostly the one showing what had happened through out 14 days we were here. it was just the slide show but very touching.

- i was impressed when 1 of us had created 1 song and presented in the form of qoir. i saw one of the urusetia, he seemed like 'kesat air mata', maybe touched by the song. and me too actually.


finally, the last day come, the most waited one, the most nervous time, the day of judgement. alhamdulillah.all went good. hilang segala masalah, segala perasaan marah, bad experiences. the only thing left was the feeling of happiness,relief n cant wait to go back.

p/s:thanks a bunch to wani for her car, amir, amran, my group members, Laboost, to all speakers, urusetia n all friends. see u again next time

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

long vacation..n happy eidul adha 1430h

long school break comes again this end of year. me too. actually,im working.but i can use up my annual leave..ye la..to spend time with my family in kampung..jln2 cari makan. but, suddenly, i got 16-day course to attend. 16 day tuuu..2 hari punn..dh rasa lama bebenoo..biasa la..kursus induksi..it's compulsory to confirm my post.ok..i'll keep about the course for the next entry.

i bet this is my last post b4 i go back to kampung, celebrating eidul adha..yaa..u know. im offline out of my office. happy,sad, tk best, best..all comes in. the happy and best one is because of the journey back to kampung for hari raya (cant wait). and the opposite one as we probably shall celebrate the eid in hujan mencurah2,lecah,becak,sejuk,berangin,air naik..ye la..musim banjir kat sana. but, luckily,my house is situated at kawasan tinggi. syukur alhamdulillah..tk tahulah mereka yg kat kawasn rendah tu..whatever the weather, it's still bring a lot of rahmah to us.

p/s: salam eid mubarak to all muslim out there. till we meet again...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A special entry for the special teenager-to-be on the special day.

Abdul 'Adzim

the result for Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) this year has been released today. All std 6 students could get the results from their respective schools. and this year, my nephew, Abdul Adzim,
  • the first nephew of mine,
  • the firts grandchild in our family and
  • the eldest child in his family as well,

has seated that first ever among major exams in his life. and...., heyyy..alhamdulillah and congratulation my dear, u did very very well..5A totally in your hand (kalah mokteh). u have made ur umi and abah proud. and u did show to all of us that u can do it even...yaaa..ur parent forced u the most. actually, they were not forcing u, but it was all for ur own good. yaa..yaa.yeee.....i remember my promise. i wont break it. and we all cant wait to fulfill our promise. till then...see u in kampung..

p/s: it just the beginning. u still have long way to go. keep ur energy and passion and mind better. hope u can face whatever challenges that are coming in. we pray all good for u.amiin.

Monday, November 16, 2009

with love

alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.

my abe will be transferring to his new school somewhere in ipoh beginning next year. at last, after 2 years staying separately with his beloved wife and boys. released one problem that comes in mind for almost everyday especially on Sunday. we never stayed together as working parent.and i do think on how to manage my family when both of us are working and the kids needed to be sent to their respective school. mesti kalut ni especially when both of us are in hurry to work in the early morning. i've to change my current system staying alone with the kids to adapt with my abe coming in on our weekday life. yaa, of course, i should wake up early in the morning, prepare for the breakfast and send those kids to kindy and school, pick azami up at 11am, cook after work. i cant wait to do that. and im sure, my abe is a hardworking and responsible man. he will lend his hands on me to do the house chores and... kids as well.

p/s: alhamdulillah, im married with almost 'all-good' guy, good life-partner n the best ever father for the boyz. happy family always.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

higher education professional course

another course.sigh.

4-day course; named Higher Education Professional Training programme 15, specially for young lecturers like me, organized by Akademi pengajian tinggi (Akept), venue for this time was at Vistana Hotel kl.

an earlier comment about this programme; wrong timing as we were bz with marking during the time. other comments/suggestions have been written in the feedback form provided.
(skema nye ayat..hehe).

the contents?hmm..very good actually. suitable for us, young lecturers. among other pengisian were about road to success: the next journey of young lecturers; from MA to PHD, from new lect to senior lect to assoc. prof..and so on so forth. we also dealt with communication skills and a little bit on the tips2 to handle students and to create and grab the opportunity of way of success.

vistana hotel? so so la. room was very nice and comfortable except that it was so cold even after turning the aircond off. foods?good n i thought asyik makan makan n makan. felt like tembam dh pipi duduk 4 hari kat situ.


the good thing i gained from the course was i made new friends; 38 of us which supposed to be 100 capacity of participants. and tak sangka kawan i kat Upsi pun attend jugak; Nor Zu namanya. and on the 2nd last day, her hubby n kids as well came n overnight with her. hey, on that night also we spent our time ronda2 kl (g sogo je..he) as we didnt have any 'talk' that night. so, all of us (mostly) rounded sogo n i managed to get handbag..hehe.

p/s: thanks a lot to Prof Dr Sufean Hussin, Dr Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, Prof Dr Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Prof Dr Abd Majid Mohd Isa, Dr Jumiati Ismail (Uitm mari), Prof Dr Jamaluddin Tubah for the talks and to all secretariat and all my friends and newly-met friends as well, nice to meet u all. till we meet again next time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tabikarama and Graduation Day

finally, azami had his graduation day. and the good part was, he got award for 'anugerah kategori kebersihan terbaik'. see, how clean he is...hehehe..ye la..makan..licin, buku...bersihh je..apperance?.ok la..heheeh..see his umi la..how good his umi is..hehe (also his abah). also, during the day, we were entertained by the yang diraikan, the little boys and girls performances. 4 tabikas took part. first, presented Gema Malaysia dance. 2nd, tarian bollywood. 3rd, tarian twist and our beloved little boy's tabika, pakaian beragam. he supposed to act as a 'pemuda melayu', but refused to be on stage (almaklumla..umi and abah ada). he was ready already, with the baju melayu n samping, songkok with kerongsang and capal. puas pujuk, tak nak jugak. luckily, he wanted to received the scroll and award. so, ada la gambar utk kenangan.

kids in action with their respective 'pakaian beragam';
boxing athlete, senior citizen, pemuda melayu, architect, soldier, punjabi

on stage; sang lagu negaraku song, tarian gema malaysia,
pakaian beragam, tarian twist and tarian bollywood

p/s: congratulation little boy. with love...umi n abah

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Preschool briefing


i just came back from attending preschool meeting. There was a briefing regarding the preschool for 2010 session. i've posted one entry about azami is going to preschool next year (read here). i'm so excited and...speechless, it is time for azami moves one step forward in his life. yaa..school time. sedar tak sedar, dh besar pun anak jate kito tu..

the briefing was all about the introduction, the activities held, school time, uniform, rules and of course the fees payment. and i thought, i was the younger mother with the first child going to school in the meeting..hehehe..yg lain nmpk macam dh berpengalaman je anak gi sekolah.

so, i've settled the fees, ordered the uniform and....settled all things. anything left, just to confirm the registration and collect all that supposed to be collected at the beginning of next year.

yg risaunye, habih kul 11.10pg, aku habih kuliah 11.50pg..cmna tu?

p/s: thanks a lot to Pn Nurishah, PK for the briefing and to all involved. thanks for the meals.

Monday, November 2, 2009

pudak bojeng..

tak sempat jugak nak tunggu dekat raya haji. rambut budak2 ni panjang bebenor dh. so, kena la pi kedai gunting rambut 'Krishnan', the only one place we go to cut hair (mereka ber3 la, abe, ami n ilham) kat sini. azami ok je bila kena mesi pencukur. dia dh besar dan dh biasa. ilham, ok dah jugak sekarang ni. dulu2, kena dok dekat dan kena pegang dia. bila nk letak kain kat badan, terus meraung..hehe.takut agaknya. terpaksa lah mesin rambut tanpa kain alas. habih lekat rambut kat baju. yg kelakarnya, masa tgh cukur guna mesin, agaknya geli kot, dia buat kepala dia macam tu..(tk gheti nk desribe hehe). skang tidak lg. umi ngan abah pun boleh duduk dan tgk je 2 org tu buat memek muka masa tgh dicukur rambut (comel..hehhe).

big bro

kedai ni baguih la. setiap kali tgk, tk pernah tutup (of course tutup la kalau raya dia), ramai pelanggan plak tu. tmbh2 kalau musim2 perayaan dn dekat nk bukak sekolah. pekerja pun ramai (semuanya indian). ada 4 kerusi semuanya. pekerja kat situ pun dh kenal kami sekeluarga. dr jauh nmpk, terus angkat tgn. yelah, mana taknya, dh byk kali pi kedai dia. dan layanan bos dia baguslah. very friendly and talkative. nk tarik customer kot..hehe..kalau ramai org, dan kena tunggu giliran, dia akan cuba berbual dgn customer disamping berkata " tunggu sekejap ye..ramai org hari ni". bagi saya, baik dia bgtau drpada kita dok tunggu je tanpa sebarang kata yg menyedapkan hati. dh selesai, ucap terima kasih plak. harga? tk ingat le (sebab abe yg bayar..hehe). tp rasanya RM 4@3 per child.

adik dio..hehe


bercakap tentang kedai dan layanan, teringat zaman dolu2. masa zaman sekolah. masa zaman ma masih lagi menjaga kedai runcitnya. masa tu, kitorang 6 beradik bergilir2 menjaga kedai. masing2 ada shift. shift yg selalu menjadi rebutan ialah shift petang lepas asar. sebab masanya pendek..hehe..smpi maghrib je.yg paling malas nk jg ialah shift pagi. pagi byk keje. kena sapu sampah. bakar smph. kul 11am tutup peti. keluarkan air batu takung, potong dua. masukkan dlm plastik (masa tu tkde ais batu kiub lagi). susun air botol, tin dlm peti..dn sebagainya. pendek kata shift pagi byk keje la..nk tunggu smpi abih shift. next shift plak..mau kul 3ptg baru amik alih. shift pagi jugak kalut ngan budak sekolah . sekolah tadika, pasti, sekelah rendah. budak2 ni sekali serang, uish.tk menang tgn. yg palin relax, shift tghari. tp time shift ni memang mengantuk gile. sbb tu boleh dikatakan tkde pelanggan time ni..sumer dok tdo kot..hehe..yg ada budak2 je. tp aku..tk kisah shift mana2 pun. aku sian kat ma je..pagi..asyik dok kejutkan kitorg je.suh mai jaga kedai..sbb ma nk gi beli barang. so, kalu tkde yg nk amik shift pagi. aku le yg amik. tp smpi je kedai, kena sound dulu le..hehe (ma n we dok umah kedai, kitorang dok rumah lain kat belakang, selang 3, 4 buah rumah je).

byk betul kenangan indah pahit manis masa jaga kedai. barang harus diingat. dgn jasa kedai tu la kitorng membesar dn jadi seperti apa yg kitorg jadi sekarang ni. miss it so much.

p/s: plan nk bukak kedai jugak satu hari nanti

Friday, October 30, 2009

choc cake to order


alhamdulillah, my home-biz starting to grow, the next order came in last night and was ready this evening. hey, u dont know im selling choc cakes, do u?yes, i just started, again, my past biz. actually, i wanted to begin it during last Ramadhan. but, many things to settle first. now, im ready to receive the order.

so, my small biz is considered as 'built-to-order'. order comes in, then i bake the cakes. i still remember the first ever order received from a friend of mine, Nor Zuhaidah Mohd Zain, in our school time. she actually asked me to bake her a choc cake. she said, my cake tasted good (hehe). but, at that time, i didnt promote it (still in school time). now, i think, i want to make it as 'side income', and, i do promote it (siap gantung banner kat depan rumah..hehe). if there is an order, alhamdulillah. for the time being, i just limit the order up to 2 cakes per day.

here, i wanna show some pics throughout the process of baking the cake. enjoy.

among other compulsory ingredients; flour,sugar,margerine,choc rice

mixed all the ingredients, put in the oven, and the result is,

top-left and right, before n after oven-ing
bottom, in the container

ready to hias with topping, and, here it is.

RM 12 each..is it ok?

and, saki bakinya, i buat muffin..heheh..dpt lah 4 cups.

p/s: boys love it very much, me as well..hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

july09 - nov09 ~ the journey adjourned

alhamdulillah, semester almost finish (click here for the related entry). just 2 meetings left. the most important times; the beginning and the ending. the former as in which what are going to be covered and the assessment are explained. while, the latter in which what are expected to come out will be hinted. rugilah bagi mereka yang 'missed' these 2 sessions. 14 weeks are almost done. only the presentations will be last this final week. then, final will come to the pic.

since working here, i feel time flies very fast. yes, it did. 2 sems per year. pejam celik pejam celik, habih 1 sem. perhaps because in my situation, there are a lot of things to do. yaa..definitelty. and my duty requires me to do things within the specific times. dont even realize that my kids have grown-up and im getting old. but not for those who have nothing to do, maybe the time doesnt matter for them. 1 day is like..longer than that instead. especially when we are waiting for smthing.

oppsss..come back to the entry title. actually, the 14 weeks are for learning, gain as many knowledge as u can, for ur own good. maybe students out there, u are not serious about that, as long as u pass the exam. once the exams done, ur notes, materials, books, even ur knowledge also gone. yaa..ada yg jual buku text kpd junior plak..hey, tk sayang ke buku tu? u might need them later u know. im still keeping my degree's materials (tersusun dlm almari lagi). even my schools' exercise books. and im using it now as references. u never know.

ok. stay cool. next journey will continue next sem. permudahkanlah urusan kami ya Allah.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner & Dinner...

Dinner...here i come..

i love attending dinner (mostly).2 dinners have been attended last weekend. dinner PERSIDA (click here for last dinner) and dinner MoBAC (click here for last dinner).

the former one, for the first time, was held at the faculty with the theme 'riang ria raya'. i brought azami along. we went there too early (sbb dekat je ngan rumah).
4 round tables were prepared for VIP & lecturers. menu?have a look at pics below.

can u see it?actually the main dish was nasi beriani with dalca, ayam... tah ayam masak ape (macam ayam tandoori je..hehe), fried prawn, papadom, acar n daging kurma (i bet). the side dishes were lontong, sagu and fresh fruits. and the most awaited one, daging kambing bakar right on the spot. taste?so so la. but, kambing,..ada bau la. i went home early that night (azami ngantuk daaa).

the night after, i attended MoBac dinner, held at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort. i liked the theme,'white garden'. very beautiful and putih bersih. most of them were 70% in white. me?kain je. ok la tu. hehehe..place?the ballroom and table arrangement were nice, but not for the stage (buruk beno stage nye). Menu?very very best and delicious. they had nasi putih with butter fried prawn, butter fried chicken, fried chicken berlada, sotong (macam sotong kicap je), salad, fruits, air laici n sirap. performance?interesting and attractive. so fun and cool. overall, well organized la. andd...i got lucky draw gift to be brought back..hehehe..
p/s: thanks a lot to my abe, for letting me to the dinner and to all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jamuan raya lagi..

alhamdulillah.rezeki dtg lg. kali ni ada jamuan raya kat tempat kerja. jamuan raya tahun ni bajet untk staf shj. berbeza dgn tahun lepas, students pun turut serta. tahun sudah, tk sempat nk merasa semua mknn. almaklumlah, tk nmpk rupa gerai, dipenuhi dgn lautan manusia. masa tu cuma sempat bwk balik dan makan laksa (my favorite tu), bihun sup je (klik sini utk posting pasal jamuan raya tahun lepas) . tp tahun ni, rasa lenang sikit, tk crowded sgt. so, sempat merasa lontong, sate, buahan, air cendol, laksa dan bihun sup (siap bwk balik blik lg). puas hati. tahun lepas tk tahu pun fakulti aku hidang ape utk jamuan. tp tahun ni, kami served lemang n rendang ala minang. home-made tau. specially made by our own staff. air tgn sendiri la tu. rendang je..hehe..lemang, tempah.

terdapat 19 gerai semuanya. macam2 mknn mereka sediakan. masa nk promote gerai masing, siap berpantun lg. caya la staff kat sini, pandai berpantun mantun, doktor pun pantun jugak. mentang2 lah doktor, pantun pun berkaitan dgn perubatan..hehehe..lawak sungguh diorang ni. aku sertakan di sini antara pantun untuk mempromosi juadah masing2 (direka khas oleh staff2):

isi labu bersama bayam
dimasak lemak siudang kering
nasi kerabu berlaukkan ayam
sungguh enak tidak tertanding

Lemak dan kolestrol punca penyakit
Pulak tu senaman jarang-jarang sekali
Jangan asyik lemang,satay,baulu mahupun kuih bangkit
Moh makan bubur perak ,boleh tambah berkali-kali

Eh..eh..pandainye kata kat orang
Belum tengok kat koner kami lagi
Hidangan enak dan penyeri diri
Hidangan roti jala untuk semua orang
Kuah durian dan kari ayam menjilat jari
Sudi-sudi le bertandang takkan rugi....
Heeee...heee...Selamat Hari Raya...Maaf Zahir Batin

Pelbagai makanan telah dipromosikan
Rasa nak makan tak terkawal lagi
Nasi lemak raya, Keselamatan hidangkan
Dijamin tidak berkolestrol tinggi........................................mari..mari..mari

Cek ni wakil dari gerai FPTP
Dari tadi senyap sekarang nak mencelah
Jemputlah semua wahai pensyarah, KP...PK dan TP...
Mai pekena bihun sup kedah...


Guruh di langit hujan nak turun
Bergembira sakan si anak katak
Cendol Bendahari resipi temurun
kalau tak merasa meranalah tekak

juadah satay di gerai satu
gerai lain apa kurangnya
nasi kerabu di gerai akhir
pasti berselera segala tetamu
menadah tangan pada yang Satu
tanda bersukur atas rahmatNya
gaut dan kencing manis jgn khuatir
unit kesihatan sedia membantu

Cuci tangan sebelum makan
Tutup mulut bila batuk
Jangan di'balun' semua makanan
nanti kenyang, cepat mengantuk

Ubat batuk dan ubat asma
Tak lupa jugak ubat resdung
Mari berdoa bersama-sama
Agar ILI dapat dibendung

p/s: pantun dipetik dari email staff

Sunday, October 11, 2009

raya gathering @ faculty

my next 'open house', at my own faculty. led by pn naimah yahya, the one who was busy went there and here, phoned those n them, did this and that, just to make sure the event will run smoothly as planned.and yes, we did.alhamdulillah..all went good.

menus and pot lucks:
~ mee kari n drink (sponsored by faculty)
~ laksa (my favorite, best)
~ sate n nasi himpit, lemang n rendang (to create the raya feel)
~ rendang n lemang (mcm2 rendang ada;... minang, bienda)
~ pecal jawa
~ cakes, popia,
~ fruits (national n international...hehe)
~ puding/agar2? (tkde pulok yg nk bwk kali ni)

we have less meals compared to last year raya, but we served more makanan berat this time. me myself, i brought my self-baked chocolate cakes.

thanks to all guests for coming. u've made our day. and thanks to all my colleagues for the potlucks.
still in open house mood (open office instead). PEWANI; also organized jamuan raya to all pewani members. this is the chance for all pewani members to meet and know each other (even working under the same roof, but we dont know each other). so, this is a good opportunity. leh le kenal staff2 wanita, sape pengerusi nya, sape ajk nya. thanks to all organizing committees and thanks for the meals. next year buat le lagi..hehe.


it's a tiring 3-day program, yet very very enjoyable.

PKA is the compulsory university program to be held by all faculties, every semester, purposely to 'special selected students'.

it was the 2nd time for me organizing this program (click here for the 1st time). better. longer. and merrier. yet, kelam kabut ckit.

when: 9 - 11 oct 09 (3 days 2 nights)
where: still, Nur Lembah Lenggong
activities: night walk, treasure hunt, games, ceramah & LDK (for sure), presentation ...

i went to and from there on my own. the pics above n below were taken w/out me...huhuhu

posing after..
i dont like LDK the most.heehhe..sigh, what to do.it's a must activity in such program.redha je lah guys. but, sincerely, it was not as boring as i thought, it was very very interesting n attractive instead, conducted by the 'imported' expertist.heheeh..en Md Lehan. pendek kata, tak kering gusi dok gelak.

ragam dlm LDK
pics below were taken during the best slots among the bests; outdoor games, night walk and..the best ever session in courses, programmes and such..yeee, makan2....
games held..aduhh, sakit perut gelak.
sebelum masuk hutan, jalan-jalan

dewan makan
best parts:
~ night walk
~ outdoor activities
~ foods (paling best, hehe)
~ indoor? (also best)
~ pendek kata..sumer best lah..eheheh

special thanks:
~ en. Md Lehan, our special penceramah
~ tuan hj hatta, the Ketua Koordinator
~ tuan hj azman, the KP
~ all committees, especially my ajk-mate; nabilah
~ all 5 pembantu fasi
~ all students, especially mohammad 'ammar saharuddin, my mentee

p/s: dear students, i dont want to see u again in the next PKA. keep ur promises..

Monday, October 5, 2009

rumah terbuka @ taska anys

hari ini adalah hari raya yg ke 16. masih lg dlm bulan syawal. jadi, masih ada ruang untuk mengadakan majlis 'rumah terbuka'.

taska anys, tempat yg aku tinggalkan anak2 aku setiap hari pada hari bekerja telah 'membuka rumahnya' pada bulan syawal ini untuk majlis makan2. kami 4 beranak tidak melepaskan peluang untuk sesi makan2 memandangkan ini adalah rumah terbuka pertama yg kami hadiri di sini, di bandar universiti tronoh. majlis tersebut diadakan pd malam hari raya ke 14. mereka yg dijemput sudah semestinya lah ibu bapa dan anak2 di bawah jagaan nya. antara makanan yg dihidangkan ialah: bihun sup (main dish i guessed), roti jala, ayam bakar, jagung bakar, biskut2 dan kuih muih, air mango. (sate n nasi himpit kuah kacang tkde ke?heheh). macam mknn hari biasa je. lemang, rendang pun tkde (eh,eh..demand le plak aku ni..heheh).macam la aku suka makan lemang n rendang. tp, terima kasih banyak la sebab sudi jemput datang rumah (ami n ilham siap dapat duit raya lg).

bercakap tentang rumah terbuka, kat kampung aku, tradisi rumah terbuka ni tak diamalkan sangat. jarang dgr ada rumah terbuka kat kg (zaman dulu kala la). malah rumah ma we aku sendiri, ada rumah terbuka, tp pada hari raya pertama la..hehehe..memang kami ada sediakan makanan istimewa untuk mereka yg dtg pada hari tu. kalau hari raya pertama, tak perlu nk dijemput supaya dtg rumah. hari lain bukan tk boleh dtg. rumah kami memang sentiasa 'terbuka' untuk tetamu dtg, tp kalau diwar2kan sebagai 'open house', maknanya byk la mknn yg disediakan, betul tak?

kat sini terasa jugak aku nk buat rumah terbuka. tp mungkin tidak tahun ini. mungkin tahun2 yg akan datang, insyaAllah. sebenarnya dh ada dh menu dlm kepala ni, nk hidang apa. kalau boleh, semua aku nk buat sendiri (ambitious tu). insyaAllah, kalau aku ada rezeki, dpt tukar balik kg, dok rumah sendiri, aku nk buat jugak 'open house' kat kg. jemput org kg dtg rumah. ye la..aku pun dh boleh dikira dewasa (dewasa kah aku, ke dh jd org tua?..hehe). maksud aku, dh berkeluarga la, dh ada kehidupan sendiri, boleh buat apa yg aku rasa baik (dgn restu suami la).hmm..lmbt lagi kah masa itu?

p/s: im waiting for the next 'open house' on the day after tomorrow and jamuan raya the day after.

Monday, September 28, 2009

raya @ pantai sri 7

7th raya, we went to pantai sri tujuh, tumpat, kelantan, (for more information, click here). we, sis kak yah n family, in-laws; kak da n family, kak ida and me with my family as well as ma. even sis nini n diknor were not with us during that time, you're still in our minds.

with a little bit shocked when we arrived, the beach was not like before, not as beautiful n as protected as before. mana taknya..sampah punya la banyak. i was very dissapointed..visitors satu hal, buang sampah merata, pihak berwajib pun..have u done ur job?rasa tk selesa la sikit kat sini. pantai pun jauh ngan tempat teduh tuk berehat2. same goes to pantai cahaya bulan (PCB). banyak pantai yg macam dh rosak, tk terjaga, terhakis dan sebagainya. compared with pantai bachok, far away more convenient. maybe this is the only beach that is still maintain its natural beauty (mungkin ada la perubahannya) among other beaches that i've been. yaa..of course there are still many other beaches that i've not yet arrived to. but, i talked about the beaches that are near to my hometown.

at sri tujuh, aku main air sekejap ngan ilham. azami?takut...sampai sudah tknak masuk dlm air. lepas mandi, we ate foods that we brought earlier and then..time to go back.

p/s: best dpt jalan2 ngan family. bila nk berkelah lg?

'eidul fitri 2009

for the first time since our wedding, we celebrated eid at my parent's home. just to make it as merrier as before since only 2 of us, the daughters in family, my sis diknor and i were there to make preparation on the last day of ramadhan, the raya night and the pagi raya. kak yah n nini celebrated raya at in-laws house. moreover, this was the first raya for the newly weds; diknor n afizul. to be fair, my ma decided to prepare the must-cook meals during raya; tapai beras, ketupat daun palas and nasi himpit with satay. tapai was done a night before raya, ketupat (ma soghe yg buat), we alltogether prepared the main dish for pagi raya; nasi himpit n sate. actually, we just touched up mana2 patut..hehe...rempah2 tuk sate, nasi himpit pun..ma buat. the only thing that we, as siblings, including in-laws totally did was, cucuk sate at raya night and bakar on the next day. to me, and i bet, to all in my family, it's like ' tk meriah raya kalu tk buat sate, ketupat n tapai'..yee betul.. this raya, even my sis kak yah n nini were not here, we have put aside those 3 dishes to them.

to me, the most happiest moment during raya is in the morning before and right after eid prayer when there are a lot of relatives, neigbours come to our house (touching moment plak when husband n wife, anak n parents bersalaman bermaafan). time paling seronok plak masa bagi duit raya kat budak2. ooo..men, i miss those times. next raya? still get a chance to be like before?tak tau lg.

p/s: thanks a lot to my abe for giving me a chance to feel the morning raya here, in my kampung, with my family. hopefully, we still get a chance to be together again next raya. till we meet on raya haji

Sunday, September 27, 2009

MMP alumni

we, the ex-MMPs, with the greatest heart, proudly welcomed the first time ever held, the first launch of MMP alumni with among other objectives are to strengthen the silaturrahim among MMP's students and to take care of their needs in order to remain the good name of our beloved school.

MMP with the initiative from a few ex-MMPs took the first step to form an association after realizing that there is a need to help the place that has contributed a lot in helping us to be what we are today.

the event was held on the 3rd raya at Dewan Utama Asma' Abu Bakar MMP Kota Bharu, officially launched by YB Dato' Hj Nik Mohamad Amar bin Nik Abdullah, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Islam, Pendidikan & Dalwah Negeri kelantan, Pn Sakinah Salleh as the Presiden and Prof Dr Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azmi as the Penasihat. the majlis continued with the souveneir giving to ex-mudir and teachers and penyerahan sumbangan komputer as well as launching of tabung pelajar miskin.

this was a good start to gather all ex-mahadians and yes we did, but with a little bit frustrated as only 6 of us, from our batch of SPM'96, who actually attended in that gathering. maybe the rest were buzy or tak sampai maklumat. however, the feeling was covered as we managed to meet our beloved ex-ustazah, ustaz and teachers after 13 years continued our journey of life since SPM. i did recognize them:ustazah mariam, ustazah hasnah, cikgu ruzaini and cikgu unaizah..miss u a lot and thanks for being my teachers.

at the first sight when i arrived at mmp, my first impression was..'wei lok, my school has changed a lot'..yaa, it's true..sesuai la dgn perubahan masa..we are not in the past anymore. we must look forward. the one left that i've noticed was the dewan lama , the one that gave me n my friends a lot of good memories during our time. what happen to bangunan kelas lama belakang supermarket pantai timur? tk sempat nk round2 sekitar sekolah masa tu. masyaAllah, rupa2nya dh ada bangunan besar (i bet class kot) kat tmpt yg dulunya jadi tmpt laluan nk ke bangunan lama dan jugak ke kantin. bangunan kelas i masa form 5 dulu ada lg, tp kat tepi dia dh buat bagunan baru. bangunan kelas masa form 6 plak, dulunya dewan kat ground floor, but now, it turns to classes (ye la, not enough class le tu, almaklumlah, sekolah famous). and the above said event was held at totally new building that was not there during my time. back then, it was just a small field. our main field still remain undisturbed. ya Allah, miss my school very much.

p/s: hope to see others one day

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

off to kampung

oooooooo..balik kampung..
oooooo.balik kampung..
ooo..balik kampung..hati girang...
perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
kerna hati ku melonjak sama
ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
yg selalu bermain di mata
nun menghijau gunung ladang dan rimba
lalaallalalalla (heheh, lupa lirik plak)
deru air turut sama berlagu
semuanya bagaikan turut gembira..

hmmm..the best raya song for those di perantauan during journey off to kampung..best giler lagu ni..kalau sebelum ni..jadi perantau sebab belajar, sekarang di perantauan jugak sebab kerja. dua keadaan yg berbeza tp feel raya tetap sama.

zaman belajar:
- dua tiga hari nk balik, tk masuk ape dh lect cakap ape, fikiran melayang kat kg halaman nun jauh di sana

- tiket bas?usah bercerita pasal tiket balik raya.memang tk pernah dpt tiket kat kaunter 'hentian putra' tu sepanjang aku blaja kat uia..balik naik bas carter la jawabnya setiap kali raya. nasib baik ade gak bas carter nya. memang kena buat carter utk mereka yg nk balik kelate nih..ramai gile anak kelate yg dok kat luar nih..especially kat kl. kalu naik bas carter, mahal le ckit reganya. tp takpe, nk balik raya punya pasal. lg pun bas tu masuk kampus. selalunya aku amik yg pegi balik. hmm..tk pernak tepat masa bertolak nya. kata kul 9, mau kul 10 atau 11 baru bertolak. tkpelah..as long as we got back to kg. tp..seingat2 aku la..tk pernah le plak aku smpi pg raya. tp dan la buat ketupat daun palas kat rumah tu. bercakap tentang bas carter nih..best jugak. bukan ape..tmbh naik skali ngan brother2 kelate...kikiki..gatal jugak aku nih..

- yg paling best skali masa blajar dulu, dekat2 nk raya, sebelum balik kg tu, mesti pergi jalan TAR (tak raya pun aku selalu gi jugak kat sane, terutama hari sabtu). selalunya fiza la yg jadi teman aku masa outing..kat sane byk brg woo..tp, masa dulu aku ni tkdela eager nk beli itu ini. yg aku beli selalunye kad raya,biskut raya, tak pun kerepek raya. baju2 tk beli la

- dr uia kitorg bertolak mlm, sampi kb pagi le..aku lebih suka kalau aku balik sndiri ke rumah..hehe..bwk beg besar, naik bas,jln kaki masuk kg,pastu jumpa org kg, rasa bangga plak situasi cmtu..ehheeh..baru ada rasa feel jadi perantau, tp malu plak nk bgtau mak ayah nk balik sndiri..hehe..so..kena la call mereka jugak suh dtg amik..

zaman kerja:
- sekarang ni, aku dh paham dh, budak2 ni tk masuk ape pun kalu aku mengajar jugak, so aku pun buat syarat je la dtg kelas..ehhhhh.bukan dtg kuliah je.diorang ada projek tau..so aku bagi peluang diorang siapkan group project tu..siap ada yg nyanyi lagu 'balik kg' lg dlm kelas.mcm2 perangai budak2 students nih..teringat zaman aku jadi student dulu2

- tiket bas?tk lorat nk beli tket bas dh skarang ni..yelah..aku pun dh berkeluarga..dh ada kereta sendiri, balik dgn kereta la setiap kali nk balik kg. tp feel raya tu still maintain le..on the way to kg..rasa seronok.lebih2 lg bila tiba2..keluar lagu raya kat radio dlm kereta..aaaaaaa..aku ngan abe plak yg excited nye..ami n ilham biasa je..yelah..they just little boys..hey..ami dh paham tau..dia dh reti keseronokan raya..tmbh2 bila ada bunga api..hehe

- puasa kali ni, aku kat ipoh, so persediaan raya tuk anak2 aku, aku beli kat mall sini je. tp utk ku n abe, uihhss..still kelate mari. kena beli jugak tuk anak2 sedara, ma n we, mak mertua..tkpe la..aku pun dh ade duit sendiri..

hmm.. tu la serba sedikit kisah aku nk dekat raya antara dua zaman. dulu bujang, sekarang berempat..keadaan berubah, tp alhamdulillah, aku masih ade mak ayah..dan feel raya still ada lagi. ada org lain tu..mak ayah dh tkde..mesti tk seronok nk blk kg..yelah..nk balik rumah sape?..
this is the last posting before raya as i'll be going back to kg this afternoon and...you know..im offline out of my office..till we meet again after raya..see yaa..and
may this eid will bring happiness and barakah to all of us and hope to meet ramadhan again next year
p/s: wish u a happy eid mubarak: my beloved abe, my kids, my respected ma n we, siblings, in-laws, my dear friends and students

Sunday, September 13, 2009

iftar at Hotel Seri Malaysia

for the first time, we broke our fast outside. at hotel plak tu..heheh..saje..abe nk try berbuka kat hotel. Hotel Seri Malaysia, offered 'berbuka package' during Ramadhan at RM 28 per adult and RM18 per child from 6 to 12 years. we didnt book for the place, just gambled for it. we went there as early as 5.30pm, registered the place and then window shopping at mall..heheh..sempat lg tu..almost 7pm, we arrived at hotel, took the foods and then, 'Allahummalakasumtu......'...uurrpp, alhamdulillah..completed for one more day of fasting..insyaAllah..

foods served?..ummph..not so bad, we took mee goreng, nasi berlauk, ayam goreng, laksa, sup, ikan bakar, fruits and drinks. worth it?so-so la..now, time to pay bill. we were wrongly billed, as our ami n ilham also were charged. we got back our money but, without any apologizing from the hotel. muka receptionist pun nampk semacam je kat aku. hey, it's our right, isnt it?

i performed maghrib prayer at masjid and were at home alomost 9.30pm

p/s: thanks a lot my dear

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

waiting for Lailatul Qadr

such a quite long break for blogging. hmm..

cepatnya masa berlalu.sedar tak sedar..hari ini hari yang ke 20 umat Islam berpuasa. dan malam ini bermulalah malam yang ditunggu2 oleh mereka yang berkehendakkannya. satu malam yg lebih baik dr 1000 bulan. malam yg dipanggil lailatul qadr..laila bermaksud malam, dan qadr membawa maksud nilai, mulia dan ketentuan.

Lailatul Qadr bermaksud malam bernilai atau malam mulia. Ini kerana pada malam inilah diturunkan al-Quran yang mulia dan tinggi nilainya. Sebab itulah sesiapa yang yang beribadah bertepatan dengan malam tersebut nilainya lebih baik dari seribu bulan atau 83 tahun 4 bulan. Sesungguhnya bertuahlah mereka yang menempuhi malam ini dengan beramal ibadah sepenuhnya kerana akan memperoleh ganjaran beribadah seribu bulan. Anugerah Allah S.W.T ini hanya dikurniakan kepada mereka yang taat beribadah dari kalangan umat Nabi Muhammad sahaja tidak pada umat yang lain, sebagaimana sabda Rasul s.a.w. bermaksud :

“Malam al-Qadr itu hanya dikurniakan Allah kepada umatku dan tidak kepada umat yang lain”.

p/s: sekadar tazkirah

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

welcome,,,Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

how times fly....closed-eyes, opened-eyes..we reach another Ramadhan...Allah willing, we'll be able to finish the whole month of it.

Ramadhan 1430......here i am...

this is the 2nd time im fasting here, far away from my husband (weekday je la, weekend dia ade). same goes to my Abe..but, people said, berjauhan..rindu-rinduan..yes, it is. but, it's not..dekat..benci-benci-an..hehe..

as for this Ramadhan, i've planned to start small business. for the starting point, i'll just contribute money, everything will handle by a friend of mine, Nor Zuhaidah Mohd Zain. we've planned to sell some sorts of sambal daging (kelantan mari), bahulu gulung, biskut raya and a few other food products. actually, she invited me to join her business. and, macam mengantuk di sorongkan bantal..i accepted her offer together with another 2 businesswomen-to-be..hehheh. we'll sell the products at bazaar Ramadhan near UPSI, tanjong Malim. and i think, business during Ramadhan will not 'menang tangan' as for my observation, people will buy almost whatever offered. but, im also afraid of H1N1 could be the obstacle for people going out.


p/s: H1N1 deaths are on rise...lets pray..

Monday, August 17, 2009

photo shot..

hey, azami got his first ever passport pic. hehehe...at first, he didnt let his pic to be taken, after 3 tries, the pakcik kedai gambar managed to get his best shot. tu pun...not centre, with his muka masam, hehe..anak umi...and finally, after making necessary editing..we got this..

this pic is for applying PRESCHOOL next year. i've registered him to standard 1 at the same school the year after. i hope, i've made the right decision choosing this school for his 2nd steps towards school life after having 1 year of fun time in Tabika

Thursday, August 13, 2009

majlis tilawah antarabangsa ke 51

last night was the prize presentation and closing ceremony for the said event, after having almost a week of alquran recitation from the participants. long time ago, we malaysia always being the champion in this said tilawah. but, recently, we seemed lost our 'zaman kegemilangan' in reciting al-Quran with correct tajwid, nice tarannum (lagu) and voices. perhaps we are good in tajwid, but lack in the tarannum and voice parts. if we refer to our 'zaman kegemilangan' back then, we had qari and qariah like Hj Ismail Hashim, Ustazah Faridah Mat Saman dan Hajjah Rogayah Sulong. these people had made the 1st place or even the 3rd place in our hand. luckily, cik Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah binti Syed Badiuzzaman ~ the winner for qariah in national tilawah competition (click here for the national tilawah competition) got the 1st place in this international level. she (won 2nd place in 'akademi alQuran' musim ke 2) has the great voice indeed. what happened then?are we lack of good qari or qariah nowadays?it has been observed that the participants other than malaysia were keep on improving in their way of reciting the quran. hopefully, we can get back our glory in tilawah alQuran.

p/s: the way of recitation is one thing. the meaning of those ayat is the most important.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

revaluation day ~ PERSIDA

my faculty were having family day on last sunday. this time, we have 2-day program, i only attended on the 2nd day ~ for sukaneka. i went there alone, left behind my kids with their abah...hehehe..(thanks my dear abe). the event were only attended by en. Hatta (ketua koordinator), en. Azman (koordinator program), masitah (penasihat PERSIDA), kak wati, nabilah, sunarti and kak naimah yahya. i have enjoyed senamrobik and breakfast. the rest of activities?huhu..missed them coz the lecturers wanna go back. no gang to enjoy with, then, i went back home, left masitah alone (maklum le..penasihat...kena tunggu smpi program habih le..ehehhe).
so frustrated. never mind. 'tomorrow is still have'.
our theme for this semster was 'tak lapuk dek hujan tak lekang dek panas'. the organizer (part 3 students) renamed the prgramme to be 'Revaluation Day' whereby revaluation (for our context) means to revalue the DIA students to become more creative and open-minded so that they can fit the current situation of globalisation.

p/s: thanks to masitah and the organizer, for the breakfast. see u in our next programmes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

SPSS: intermediate

the next step in mastering the SPSS software~ SPSS course for intermediate.

now, it is lunch break for the 2nd day of such course. it's already 1.45pm, 45 minutes more to the next session. in my previous entry, i have posted about my participation in the in-kind course attended; SPSS for beginners (click here). This time, it is for intermediate; more advance and focus specifically on how to do analysis and how to interpret the results. very interesting. now i know a little bit on how to read the data and come out with the findings of the research.


  • parametric tests ~ t-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA
  • non-parametric test
  • regression and correlation
as usual, the foods served were crazy best. i liked this caterer. they could provide many kinds of menus..delicious and worth it (maybe..ehhe). that's why i like attending courses here..hehehe..
p/s: thanks a bunch to kak Norhasliza Ahmad, from FSKM, as our instructor for the said course

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H1NI:bala dan petunjuk?

Influenza A(H1N1) virus is a subtype of influenza virus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans and cause a small fraction of all influenza-like illness and a large fraction of all seasonal influenza. H1N1 strains caused roughly half of all human flu infections in 2006. Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs (swine influenza) and in birds (avian influenza).
In June 2009,
World Health Organization declared that flu due to a new strain of swine-origin H1N1 was responsible for the 2009 flu pandemic. This strain is commonly called "swine flu" by the public media.

"......berdasarkan situasi global, sehingga hari ini sebanyak 189,155 kes dengan 1,319 kematian dilaporkan membabitkan 168 negara dengan Pakistan melaporkan kes pertama.
..........statistik tersebut meningkat sebanyak 3,301 kes dengan 12 kematian berbanding hari sebelumnya."

- Utusan Online, 5 Ogos 2009-
melihat kepada perkembangan penularan virus tersebut, terdetik dibenak, apakah ini ujian dari yang Maha Esa, adakah ini yang dikatakan bala, sepertimana yang berlaku kepada kaum zaman anbiya' dulu2 seperti kaum nabi Nuh, nabi Musa dan nabi2 ('alaihimsalam) selainnya?bezanya zaman dulu didatangkan bala yg besar sekaligus, seperti tenggelamnya kaum nabi nuh dan tentera firaun yg jahil dan kufur. mungkin juga seperti terjadinya tsunami 26 disember 2004 yg lalu. lain pula dengan virus A ini yg terkesan secara perlahan-lahan. mungkin juga ini adalah tanda2 kiamat kecil yg ditunjukkan oleh Allah swt kepada mereka yg berfikir. semoga kita semua berada didalam golongan org yg berfikir dan mengambil iktibar di atas berlakunya perkara2 sedemikian rupa..
'ya Allah ya tuhanku, jika sekiranya ini adalah amaran dan petunjuk dari Mu, jauhkanlah kami daripadanya. semoga kami dapat mengambil iktibar dan dekatkan lah hati kami kepada Mu ya Allah yang Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Pengampun'...amiin
Doa ketika terjadi penyakit menular:
"Aku membenteng diri dgn nama Tuhan yg mempunyai kemuliaan dan kekuatan, aku berpegang teguh pada Tuhan yg menguasai alam nyata dan alam ghaib, aku bertawakkal kepada Tuhan yg hidup dan yg tidak mati selama-lamanya. semoga kiranya Engkau hindarkan kami ya Allah dari bala dan wabak. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

suarasa tv9 - dataran majlis bandaraya

we went to suarasa tv9 for the 2nd time (click here for the 1st time). this time at dataran majlis bandaraya. almost 2 years staying here, this is the first time i stepped on here, at majlis bandaraya..bagus tak?hehe..

i liked this visit cause the weather was so cool n calm..not as hot as when i went to jomheboh at lumut few months ago. moreover, the people also not very crowded and we have a good time walking through all booths available. there were booths celcom, of course, as the main sponsor, silky girl, tv9's programmes, al-risalah, and many more domestic products offered like jus kurma, rendang tok mak nek, air tok guru. we bought nestle's product; bliss (yogurt), lovely cake (lembut gile kek tu..besttt), crunchy kerepek ubi kayu, and ice blended cappucino(my favourite)..hehehe.

i think, this event offered a great chance to those who are operating small business to expand their products more wider. i liked this, seeing many small busineses opened booths for their own benefits. ade yg tgh kacau rendang, selling fruits pun ade, pizza, cookies. i think this dataran was the good place for such event (compared with jomheboh lumut and suarasa kota bharu) as it has good spot to lepak2, rehat2. but i didnt like such kind of people who doesnt have a sense of 'kesedaran sivik', throw rubbish everywhere, even there were dustbins provided. ade kolam ikan kat situ, pun ade byk sampah dlm tu. for how long it will be last?kesedaran sivik bermula dari rumah. teach our children to keep our earth clean and green.

sukaneka tabika 2009

hey..azami was having a great fun last weekend.me too n my abe also..hehehe.. his tabika organized 'sukaneka tabika perpaduan 2009' on 1 august 2009. after rushing preparing the breakfast, washed the clothes, and doing whatever needed, we went there, at padang bola taman maju at almost 8 am. the organizer was Jabatan Perpaduan negara dan Integrasi Nasional  in collaboration with JPTP taman maju I dan II, bandar universiti and taman seri ara. hence, there were 4 tabika alltogether involved in this event; tabika perpaduan(TP) taman maju I, TP taman maju II, TP bandar universiti and TP taman seri ara. it was launched by encik Shahrani bin Yusof, pegawai perpaduan . the event was greatly successful as many parents attended to it. The Adun Bota also presented in this event.

pics around the corner

after the speeches, parents were enjoyed by the performance from 4 tabikas; the gimrama, azami as pom-pom boy..ehehehhe..hahaaahha..

ade yg main bola, pom-pom, gelung

there were 5 games provided for the kids. azami took part in the first 2 games. tak nak main dh pastu. my abe n i also took part in 'rebut kerusi'. luck was not on our side. kalah teruk..ehehhe. azami played rantaian samudera (sambung benda bulat2, masuk dlm tali) and jaga-jaga mutiaraku (bawak bola pinpong dlm sudu). both got 3rd place.

ami n abah in actions

azami with his awards...jadila