Monday, September 28, 2009

'eidul fitri 2009

for the first time since our wedding, we celebrated eid at my parent's home. just to make it as merrier as before since only 2 of us, the daughters in family, my sis diknor and i were there to make preparation on the last day of ramadhan, the raya night and the pagi raya. kak yah n nini celebrated raya at in-laws house. moreover, this was the first raya for the newly weds; diknor n afizul. to be fair, my ma decided to prepare the must-cook meals during raya; tapai beras, ketupat daun palas and nasi himpit with satay. tapai was done a night before raya, ketupat (ma soghe yg buat), we alltogether prepared the main dish for pagi raya; nasi himpit n sate. actually, we just touched up mana2 patut..hehe...rempah2 tuk sate, nasi himpit buat. the only thing that we, as siblings, including in-laws totally did was, cucuk sate at raya night and bakar on the next day. to me, and i bet, to all in my family, it's like ' tk meriah raya kalu tk buat sate, ketupat n tapai'..yee betul.. this raya, even my sis kak yah n nini were not here, we have put aside those 3 dishes to them.

to me, the most happiest moment during raya is in the morning before and right after eid prayer when there are a lot of relatives, neigbours come to our house (touching moment plak when husband n wife, anak n parents bersalaman bermaafan). time paling seronok plak masa bagi duit raya kat budak2., i miss those times. next raya? still get a chance to be like before?tak tau lg.

p/s: thanks a lot to my abe for giving me a chance to feel the morning raya here, in my kampung, with my family. hopefully, we still get a chance to be together again next raya. till we meet on raya haji

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