Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nasyeed competition

there is one entry about this january last year (read). about me n my colleagues joined nasyeed competition sempena bulan kualiti. yes, and this is the 2nd time we took part in this competition. this year, our faculty send 2 groups: ladies n gentleman for the nasyeed. last year, we did not get any place as rupa2nya kitorang disqualified as participants more than 12 (sebab last minute decide nk masuk).

this time, the song was specially created for us by hafiz (our student) and the gang with the touch of amir hamzah as the trainer. they together gether did.

we stayed-back 2/3 days just to practice. even at night before the 'day', we went to office just to do final touch to our training (siap bawak anak2 sekali, besar sungguh pengorbanan kami).

our teams were the 1st and 2nd group performed. komen juri: persembahan yang bagus cuma......pakaian kitorang macam kuda belang..heheh. jadila dapat no 4 (nyaris2 no 3 tu). OM got the 1st place. congratulation

p/s: pertandingan lepas, aku slim je. semua slim. kali ni aku bawak baby skali dalam perut praktis n bertanding (nak join jugak tu). thanks to all especially hafiz, amir aumran, geng2 percussionist, kak mai for hardworks (our manager), colleagues for support, and to the team members. you were very sporting and supportive.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

azami: first day in school

today, azami starts his new school life, darjah 1. woke up as 'early' as 6.40am, wore new uniform, pakai minyak rambut and be ready to the school at 7.15am. abah gave him RM 2 as pocket money with advice to keep some in tabung. i waited there till 8.30 and everything was good, so i left him. his abah called just now after picking him up telling that 'ami ok je' cuma , "habih rm2 hari ni, dia beli roti canai seringgit, air milo seringgit". hmmm, anak umi n abah. tkpelah. we'll see tomorrow.

can you spot him?

p/s: nasib baik tak menangis. budak2 sekarang jarang yang menangis. dh biasa kena tinggal