Sunday, January 24, 2010

nasyeed competition

cant imagine.i took part in nasyid competition.hehe. actually,we did. we had successfully thrown our voices in that event, even we didnt get any place. we just had 1 or 2 times of practicing. but, we did it great, said our manager, pn Marina (nak sedapkan hati.hehe).

nasyid competition was one of the activities held to cheer the 'sambutan bulan kualiti 2009' in January 2010. among other activities, we have football tournament, futsal, netball, bowling, pantun, qiamullail, blood donation, gotong royong 5S,  and many more. all students and staff are invited to join these activities.

return to nasyid competition. we were the last team from 13 performances, nasyiding 'Rasulullah Junjungan' from artist raihan, brothers and nowseeheart. other groups were from library, admin, facilities, security, treasury, and other faculties. they were all good. i was very impressed with the great voices and all gimmics showed on that day. very enjoyable, with the moderator that was so funny. heard that librarians got the 1st place (i was not around during the annoucement). whatever, im proud with my group. good for the first try. sungguh teruja dan kelakar apabila dengar 3 drpd kami kena buat suara kepit.hehe.yg lain buat suara biasa.sehinggakan aku yg tgh dok nyanyi atas pentas tiba2 rasa nk tergelak.dh la duduk barisan depan. nasib baik dpt control.hehehe.

my lotsa thanks to colleagues for their support coming in to the event (boleh tempah baju untuk tahun depan, kata en razak.hehe). to 4 of our students as percussionist. judges, and especially, my team (tak sangka sumernya talented), pn Marina (manager) who hardly managed everything for our performances, sunarti and naimah Y (our strength), your voices are very nice, said the judge, and not to forget,the organizer.

p/s: in planning for the next year.

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