Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 dec ~ azami turned 5

it's the time.

action with the cake

when is my birthday, umi?.azami kept asking this since ilham's birthday on 15th may. now, it's your turn. always asking me to buy cake when we passed by the cake house. while ilham celebrated his day at taska, azami celebrated his in kampung, at ma n we's house. just the small birthday bash. i bought icing cake, french fries n nuggets as well. nak jugak kek yg dibeli (planned to bake my own choc cake). all were there except sis nini sekeluarga, away in kkb.

if u still remember, 22 dec, 4 days before the big tsunami tragedy 22 dec 2004. i was at home (berpantang) when heard that hospital bergegar. my parent was in makkah, having pilgrims. all media massa covered that true story all the time. what a extremely bad news of it. its our duty to renung sejenak the things behind the tragedy. sekadar peringatan.

come back to the entry title. 22 december 2009. azami is just 5 years old.1 jan 2010 came, he is 6 already (kalau ikut tahun). tak rugi la umurnya, but in terms of maturity, would not be the same as january-born kids. no worry. it's just the matter of time. you are still in learning process. learn as much as u can. befriend with others.we're always be on your side to guide u.

gifts giving n cake..hehe

happy birthday my dear. may this year 2010 cheers u up and brings a lot of success n happiness to us.

p/s:thank you for the gifts kak da, kak yah, kak ida on behalf budak2 nih.hehe

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Wan Roslini Wan Ali said...

wah...wah....comeinyo kek...tok aci la atheef tak dok...:(