Sunday, January 24, 2010

nasyeed competition

cant imagine.i took part in nasyid competition.hehe. actually,we did. we had successfully thrown our voices in that event, even we didnt get any place. we just had 1 or 2 times of practicing. but, we did it great, said our manager, pn Marina (nak sedapkan hati.hehe).

nasyid competition was one of the activities held to cheer the 'sambutan bulan kualiti 2009' in January 2010. among other activities, we have football tournament, futsal, netball, bowling, pantun, qiamullail, blood donation, gotong royong 5S,  and many more. all students and staff are invited to join these activities.

return to nasyid competition. we were the last team from 13 performances, nasyiding 'Rasulullah Junjungan' from artist raihan, brothers and nowseeheart. other groups were from library, admin, facilities, security, treasury, and other faculties. they were all good. i was very impressed with the great voices and all gimmics showed on that day. very enjoyable, with the moderator that was so funny. heard that librarians got the 1st place (i was not around during the annoucement). whatever, im proud with my group. good for the first try. sungguh teruja dan kelakar apabila dengar 3 drpd kami kena buat suara kepit.hehe.yg lain buat suara biasa.sehinggakan aku yg tgh dok nyanyi atas pentas tiba2 rasa nk tergelak.dh la duduk barisan depan. nasib baik dpt control.hehehe.

my lotsa thanks to colleagues for their support coming in to the event (boleh tempah baju untuk tahun depan, kata en razak.hehe). to 4 of our students as percussionist. judges, and especially, my team (tak sangka sumernya talented), pn Marina (manager) who hardly managed everything for our performances, sunarti and naimah Y (our strength), your voices are very nice, said the judge, and not to forget,the organizer.

p/s: in planning for the next year.

blended learning ~ participant vs committee

today, i'm having a day course, the first ever course for this year 2010 attended and handled by me myself (hehe) as AJK Pendaftaran. right now we have break for lunch & friday prayer. time to blog a little bit. this year i was chosen as an AJK , my first say for handling this course as AJK pendaftaran along with Siti Nabilah; great, feel like im really doing my job coz i need to prepare all files, photocopy materials, fill the files with materials, arrange the mineral water and sweets on the table for participants, take attendance and so on so forth. i love that kind of works. (rasa macam buat kerja la sikit). that one the good one. any bad one?of course i do. ada la. will comment during postmortem. biasa la..first time.first try.

ok.what do we have today?

this course named 'blended learning'. it's all about transforming the process of learning using internet. in other words, we want to apply e-tutorial. just for tutorial session ,not meant for lecture session. meaning that, lecturer and students need not to seat for the class during tutorial session. they can just be online and communicate/ doing discussion through online. here, we are exposed to how to use the i-learn portal especially the i-discus system. through this system, we can post topics to be discussed with the students, and that will replace normal tutorial session. we also can conduct test/quiz online, upload notes, materials and anything for the purpose of learning and teaching. it's good to apply this as we should move forward and adapt with the technology. facebook, friendster, twitter, you name it, students already are expert in these advancements. they access it everyday. so, no reason that they couldnt access or do not know how to apply this new e-tutorial. they can survive. even they are more resourceful than us (regarding technology la).

this system hopefully could be applied by lecturers in total
our next event/course will be somewhere in february. hopefully it will be better organized.

p/s: thanks siti nabilah. try better for our next event

Thursday, January 7, 2010

22 dec ~ azami turned 5

it's the time.

action with the cake

when is my birthday, umi?.azami kept asking this since ilham's birthday on 15th may. now, it's your turn. always asking me to buy cake when we passed by the cake house. while ilham celebrated his day at taska, azami celebrated his in kampung, at ma n we's house. just the small birthday bash. i bought icing cake, french fries n nuggets as well. nak jugak kek yg dibeli (planned to bake my own choc cake). all were there except sis nini sekeluarga, away in kkb.

if u still remember, 22 dec, 4 days before the big tsunami tragedy 22 dec 2004. i was at home (berpantang) when heard that hospital bergegar. my parent was in makkah, having pilgrims. all media massa covered that true story all the time. what a extremely bad news of it. its our duty to renung sejenak the things behind the tragedy. sekadar peringatan.

come back to the entry title. 22 december 2009. azami is just 5 years old.1 jan 2010 came, he is 6 already (kalau ikut tahun). tak rugi la umurnya, but in terms of maturity, would not be the same as january-born kids. no worry. it's just the matter of time. you are still in learning process. learn as much as u can. befriend with others.we're always be on your side to guide u.

gifts giving n cake..hehe

happy birthday my dear. may this year 2010 cheers u up and brings a lot of success n happiness to us.

p/s:thank you for the gifts kak da, kak yah, kak ida on behalf budak2 nih.hehe

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010~the journey continue

fuhhh..such a long longgg break (break from working n blogging).hehe..more than 1 month i took leave (habiskan cuti tahun to be with the one i love most).n finally, be in office yesterday n now im continuing blogging, though i've long list of 'things to do' (among others is writing this posting.hehe).

semester baru datang lagi.begitu juga sesi persekolah baru.2010.rasanya baru semalam hantar azami sekolah tabika.hari ni azami 'berseronok' kat sekolah baru. cepatnya masa berlalu.kehidupan pun dh makin singkat.harap2 sukatan amalan semakin berat.itu sahaja yang dapat menolong di akhirat kelak, disamping doa anak yang soleh.sekadar peringatan untuk diri sendiri.

2010.the beginning of new episode in my life. my abe starts his duty in new school. staying back with us together day n night after 2 years being a PJJ husband n wife. glad to hear the kids, waiting for their abah to pick them up from taska n be with them while waiting for me back from work everyday.ya Allah.what a such great feeling. alhamdulillah.

and azami?started his preschool yesterday.big boy crying anymore.but still be 'quiet' like his umi la..kot.hehe.this morning he didnt wanna go to school.pujuk2..pegilah was nice to see him raised hand n said 'saya' when teacher called his name. dlm hati berkata, ''alhamdulillah, bukak mulut jugak anak aku nih''. hopefully he will have fun n make more friends there.

ilham. turning 3 this year (buleh dah kalu dpt adik pun). he has different character with azami. independent.talkative.give to explore.yet very sensitive.he still in the same taska this year.i plan to send him to tabika next year.

me?. begin the new semester dgn penuh semangat. 4 classes to be handled with 3 subjects. target: to join/organize as many programmes/events/courses as i could.

hopefully this year will bring a lot of happiness n success to all of us.