Monday, June 29, 2009

down to memory lane ~ iiummc

what's going to be blogged today?emmm..i've lost my ideas. actually, a lot of things inside my minds to be blogged on.

owhraittt (bunyi sengau2 ckit) an idea...

down there, bunyi bising new students are tortoured(heheh..kena ragging le tu) by the AJK of minggu mesra siswa (MMS). sound very clear from my room (tgh bergelak ketawa, bersorak-sorakan)..tingat zamn dolu2..during my time..memories at matric IIUM lembah pantai..owh God..miss it so much (what happened to the memorably place right now?)

~sweet n sour memories at IIUM matric centre ~my first step towards success.

the most happiest moment in my family n, of course, in my life ~ dpt masuk uuuuuu..
why not?the first daughter n the first anak moksu n poksu Ali was going to menara gading. UIA that time, there were 2 IIUM matric centres; Lembah Pantai n Petaling Jaya. i got Lembah Pantai one (for economics course)..but now, i heard, all are in PJ, no more uia Lembah Pantai. if im not mistaken, 6 blocks alltogether (isnt it, ex-matric lembah pantai-an?) n i was in block 3 with ita, tini, payah, kak wiwi, kat sheta, kak zeti, kak nomad, kak shidah, kak dayah, azi, wanie, izah n all ex-dormmates, level 6 (wonder how r they, what r they doing~ miss them so much).

during ta'aruf* week, the unforgottable n 'happy sgt2 sampi keluar air mata' moment was the last day of taaruf week when we were all ,formally, became uia students after taking off the temporary matric card with the background music that was so touching and kena ngan suasana.

also, during my time back then, we were having 'catuan'.kena catu elektrik..during the day plak tu..only turned on at night..water?we experienced the hard time of no water for quite a long time. solution?ada lori air datang. so, together2 bwk turun tong kosong yg besar tu n brought up yg dh full by lift. luckily lift tak putus tali..if not..cale gaei la..

many more memories to be flashed back;
- with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza ~ dropped by to our dorm to pick her sedara (alahai..lupa nama le plak my dorm-mate nih) up.
- earthquake kat indonesia kot (at that time), smpi terasa kat blok i
- misunderstood with classmate
- donate blood for the 1st time
- watched videotape 'dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge' with buddy; Nor Hafiza Rusni at library for many many times
- nasi lauk ikan keli makcik..err..lupe nama ~ 1st time tried ikan keli (ikan sembilang actually)
- nasi daging scud ~ their foods were crazy best
- kg kerinchi night market ~ monday n friday
- was chosen to be on stage during...(lupa program ape)
- concerts attended ~ kumpulan 'Brothers' (1st)
- 1st time 'outing' at night ~ pernah terlajak commuter smpi kl, supposed turun kat stesen angkasapuri
- 'terpeleot' kaki masa turun tangga, hours before going back to hometown
- many many many many more

* ta'aruf (in arabic) = berkenalan, suai kenal

p/s: kenangan bersama tak dpt dilupakan..forever n ever

Sunday, June 21, 2009

just for you dad ~ hepi fathers day

now, its your turn daddies..
wish all fathers in this world a special day of father's day on 21 June 2009.

thanks a bunch we*
for holding me after my landing,
for loving me deep in your heart,
for helping me all the time,
n for whatever doings, hope, encourage, supports...that turned me to what i am today
i love u very much..both of you ma n we..
with love
- 2nd daughter -

*we = panggilan utk bapa, ayah, abah n all sorts. special for kelantanese whose name starts with 'WAN'.

p/s: azami n ilham: happy fathers day, abaaah. jom pizza. abah belanja la..hehe

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pudak's stuffs

alohla..hoo..ado so ghago besar baghe2 budok2 nih..hok punoh banyok..beli tok de semenet..punoh..ghela habih..kalu nya tehe lamo tok apo lah jugok..puah hati beli..

pehe ko blako tuh? do you understand?

let me translate..

there is a big basket of the kids' toys. broken's ok if they'll be long lasting, has value buy, but, just in a minute after buying, broke already. haa..ok?
planes, crane, keto sodok, keta besar, keta beleh (small), bola besar, bola beleh, ultraman besar, ultraman beleh..ado blako..pooh besar, pooh beleh, babok besar, babok beleh (spongebob kecik le tu),basikal besar, basikal beleh..buku besar, buku beleh, iqra' besar (tkdok lg iqra' beleh so far). in short..tok cekak nok nyipe la hari2..especialy during weekend..both of them take out the chosen stuffs, then play together gether. as a became kapal pecoh.

both are ilham's..azami pun dok gomo jugok
what to do? kids are growing up, undergoing their childhood. let them exploring the world and have fun living in this world throughout their life as kids before facing the coming real world of life. insyaAllah..

p/s: many more stuff are coming. nk buleh ko besar budok2.

course again!!!

named: 2-day course ~ Bengkel SPSS for the beginners.

SPSS: statistical package for social science, is a software or a tool used in conducting research especially in Chapter 4 during data analysis.

the main objective is to expose lecturers to the software and how to apply it in teaching and learning and research-ing as well. this session specifically for the beginner learners who are zero or at least have a basic idea about SPSS.

well, quite interesting and benefiting; to me (others? didnt know) since i've gone through the spss before when accomplishing my MA back then. just that, previously, i learned a little bit on how to transfer file form excel to spss, to analyze using descriptive, correlation and regression analysis informally from my supervisor, Dr. 'Atef Md Yusof (UUM accounting lecturer). He helped me a lot in dealing with spss and reading the results. Through this course, i gained more information and better understanding of the technical part in doing research (alhamdulillah). make me tak sabar nak wat research..hehe.

anyway, thanks a lot to en Nadzri bin Mohamad from CS, our instructor for the course.

p/s; im waiting for the 2nd session ~ SPSS for intermediate ~ course. to my coursemate: see u next time

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

jom pitzza

lets go to pizza..try not-so-new udang..

taste?not bad. better than previously introduced. abe belanja.hehe..for our (ilham n me) birthday plus mother day, one shot. from 8 slices; azami 2, umi 2, abah 3, ilham 1.. cant go more than 2..very very 'muak'..thats why they (n all fast food restaurants) serve with carbonated drinks~ nak kurang rasa muak. soup?mushroom bowl each (tak cukup rasanya).

actually, azami requested to go there, because i told him to ajak abah g last, when he arrived home from grik, we went there after maghrib.

p/s: waiting for the newly-offered pizza meal, perhaps next gaji

Monday, June 15, 2009

an evening @ UTP

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), situated at bandar sri iskandar, tronoh, perak is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia. Located near to Uitm Perak for almost 10 minutes by car and 45 minutes from bandaraya Ipoh.

Its taman rekreasi becomes an attraction to people living nearby (including us). the most interesting port to lepak is on the small bridge across the lake, where we can sit down and feed the fishes up down there, very interesting and nice looking at the fishes struggling up to get the foods (bread and dedak, mostly).

Not just that, we can fly kites over there, play remote car beleh, jogging and do some exercises as well by using the available facilities or we can just walk around the lake.

p/s: it's a must-go activity during weekend, or at least


Happy Birthday to Atheef Fathi this coming 19 June 2009. the small party was made in advance on the next day after the past wedding day. actually, Nini saje2 je buat mkn (seafood BBQ n birthday bash) as the whole family were at home altogether. this is the time to be with each other since me, diknor n nini are staying far away from kampung.
Nini n her family, currently, are staying in KL.
Diknor, stays far away in Temerloh.
the rest of the siblings; abe li, kak yah, abe lan..still there, at our beloved kampung.
So, we're having this BBQ n small birthday party to celebrate our birthday boys (atheef n paknye) and birthday girl (mak nye) to get all families be together as well.

birthday boy

ikan cencaru, udang n jagung bakar, sotong celup tepung n colek malah (yummy)

p/s: Nini n kak yah, thanks for the meals

Sunday, June 14, 2009

newly wed ~ aswani luv afizul

special for you..diknor..
Happy Wedding Day to you, my beloved younges sister n my new in-law..wish u all the good days and happiness throughout your lives.
welcome to the next new world of your life.. lets together facing the world with our next loved one...our life partner... till the end of our days..
5 June 2009 (+-11.00am, friday)
- afizul (the groom) & aswani (the bride)
- officially being husband n wife at Masjid Mukim
- aswani ; the youngest daughter of wan ali n wan zainab; the youngest one in her family indeed.
- afizul ; the eldest in his family, from Gua Musang

6 June 2009
- sapa kijo la ari ni nyo..
- bz day, bekwah (bigwork) day
- the wedding's day

9 June 2009
- reception
- almost 3 hours travelled by car

menu for the days;
nikah day:
- kerutuk ayam kampung
- sayur lemak terung, ketiak jagung, kacang, timun
- kerabu pucuk beko (kot luar tok tahu)
- sos bilis (budu la tu) n ulaman (slurrpp..bestt)
- akok, watermelon, tapai pulut (dessert)
- air sirap (as usual for bekwah)
menu served on nikah day

wedding day (no photos-forgot):
- ayam percik
- gulai daging lembu
- sambal ikan balas
- acar umbuk
- acar timun
- tembikai
- sambal
- tapai pulut
- air syrup

we're still maintain the gotong-royong together2 in cooking those things..penat, yet fun and unforgettable..(thanks a lot to all relatives and villagers for their contributions).

p/s: that's the final in-law of mine, im waiting for the wedding events of my family in-law