Thursday, June 18, 2009

pudak's stuffs

alohla..hoo..ado so ghago besar baghe2 budok2 nih..hok punoh banyok..beli tok de semenet..punoh..ghela habih..kalu nya tehe lamo tok apo lah jugok..puah hati beli..

pehe ko blako tuh? do you understand?

let me translate..

there is a big basket of the kids' toys. broken's ok if they'll be long lasting, has value buy, but, just in a minute after buying, broke already. haa..ok?
planes, crane, keto sodok, keta besar, keta beleh (small), bola besar, bola beleh, ultraman besar, ultraman beleh..ado blako..pooh besar, pooh beleh, babok besar, babok beleh (spongebob kecik le tu),basikal besar, basikal beleh..buku besar, buku beleh, iqra' besar (tkdok lg iqra' beleh so far). in short..tok cekak nok nyipe la hari2..especialy during weekend..both of them take out the chosen stuffs, then play together gether. as a became kapal pecoh.

both are ilham's..azami pun dok gomo jugok
what to do? kids are growing up, undergoing their childhood. let them exploring the world and have fun living in this world throughout their life as kids before facing the coming real world of life. insyaAllah..

p/s: many more stuff are coming. nk buleh ko besar budok2.

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