Sunday, April 26, 2009

jom heboh @ TLDM Lumut

hey, we went to jomheboh TV3 for the first time of our life. hehe..this time at Pengkalan TLDM Lumut, about 2 hours from my house which supposed to be 1 hour only in the case of no event held.
well, not so happening and enjoying as we were there at the wrong timing (12.30 noon)..fuhh..soo hot and so crowd. next time, we should be going after 'Asr, baru best nak jln2..frustrated la sikit semalam..we just dropped by at 3 booths only;lady's choice, Ribena and Azmy. huhu..tak sempat nak take pic with Ribena 's duta, Abby Abadi. she is so beautiful on live.

what happened..
- 1 hour jammed before getting park
- parking? 15 minutes to tapak jomheboh by foot
- bought RM 10 of Ribena's product and 2 mineral water from Azmy (yg jual frozen foods tu la)
- sempat try lipton tea, coleslaw and sandwich je kat lady's choice's booth
- 12.30 sampai kat tapak pesta, 2.00pm kat luar TLDM dah
- frustration terubat coz dpt mkn dreamed nasi lauk ikan bakaq near to teluk batik..heeheh

p/s: waiting for suarasa TV9 at Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV on 1st and 2nd May.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

azami and trip to zoo taiping

hey, azami is going to zoo taiping. cant believe it i let him go.
but, hopefully he will have a lot of fun and gain something to build his inner strength.

do u know that he is so quiet and slightly passive during school time? But he did everything teachers said. So, i hope that, by letting him joining the trip and exposing to any activities, without me and my abe, it will build his strength and confidence in dealing with society around him.

what i've discovered about his attitude with people is that, he would react nothing when someone asked him, he just keep quiet(never says yes or no) and even buat 'do no' je, purak2 tak dengar. but, kat rumah...fuyoo..sikit2..kenapa macam ni macam ni? kenapa macam tu macam tu?..always used 'why' questions. different with ilham, he is independent, brave, yet too sensitive. kalau tak kena sikit, berguling2 tak kira kat mana pun..atas pasir, kat supermarket..

p/s: whatever, my sons, my assets, my wish and my proud of you..

just wanna post this scene..enjoy it..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PKA 15@Nur Lembah Lenggong

Named, Program Kecemerlangan Akademik (PKA), is a university's program, compulsory to be held each semester by all faculties, including my respective faculty. Looking at the number, it was the 15th PKA held by us and now at Nur Lembah Lenggong, Perkampungan Latihan dan Rekreasi, about 30 minutes by car from bandar Grik and almost 2 hours from our place.

it was a program specifically for students whose current CGPA was 2.30 and below. This time, the participants only 20 which was suppossed to be 3+. Among the objectives of this programme were to motivate the said students so that they can perform better during the coming final exams, to release tension and to 'brainwash' their minds that they could get up and change their lives eventhough they were not performing very well currently.

activities held:
- jungle trekking
- treasure hunt
- flying fox - the best ever activity

special thanks to:
AJKs - for organizing the program
en OZ - as a motivator
dean's list students - as facilitators
students - for cooperation
nur lembah lenggong people - for meals, outdoor activities
all - for making this programme successful

p/s:penat, sakit urat and such, yet enjoy..

short break

im back...

1 week break for personal matters..

lectures already's time to produce carrying struggling towards it..


actually,im marking testssss..break jap...too bored..macam2 answers given by students..

what happened last week?
baby ilham got fever..tarik already- for the 1st time (cant believe it). sian cayang mama..luckily my mom in-law ada. at least ada yg accompanied me even she did nothing. she came to my house to send off my in-law to her 1st workplace (1st posting). My husband was on his way to grik but he returned back after mek called him.
where was ami? he was asleep and woke up when i shouted calling mek. he actually just recovered from having fever as well 2 or 3 days ago- almost 2 weeks got on-and-off-fever.
how's baby?he ended up 3 days in war

Alhamdulillah, he's ok till now but not me, i got mc for 2 days after discharging from hospital, ended up a lot of works waiting for me in office, including what im doing right now.

fuhh..1 bundle settled, 3 bundles left.ive promised to post the result by tomorrow..insyaAllah..

ok..gtg..see u then..

p/s:life must goes on..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

magical white night


another dinner..

2 dinners held by the faculty in this semester, 'magical white night' and 'black & roses night'. If the latter was specifically for MoBac, the former one was for DIA

this was the 2nd time DIA dinner that i've joined in held at SUK.
'Magical White Night' - the theme for the night required us to wear 80% white dress. (me?, ok la..ada jugak putih nye)
among the activities during the night:
- singing from students
- singing from lecturers
- luck draws
- king & queen of the night

p/s: my students were so 'matured' with their great makeover - amboihh..

Black & Roses Night

pamphlet for the night

Dinner..?once again..

i love attending dinners.
this time, it was specially for degree students, organized by BACC6A from Mobac Association.
the first ever held dinner or farewell party to celebrate our 14 first batch degree students, produced by the Faculty.
The event took place at Hotel Seri Malaysia, attending by more than 10 gorgeous and smart lecturers as well as degree students that i couldnt recognize them in their super gorgeous grand, advance and hot (kalah i).

my a lot of thanks to:
  • my lovely abe - for allowing us to the dinner
  • wani - for transportation to and from the event
  • students - for their respects
  • kak wati (especially) - as the penasihat MoBac for the lucky draw gifts
azami, got new girlfriend

p/s: last, i dapat jugak hadiah lucky draw. For Kak Mai, you are memang the lucky person (jeles), you got the lucky draw's gift in almost every events. Congratulation..