Wednesday, April 22, 2009

azami and trip to zoo taiping

hey, azami is going to zoo taiping. cant believe it i let him go.
but, hopefully he will have a lot of fun and gain something to build his inner strength.

do u know that he is so quiet and slightly passive during school time? But he did everything teachers said. So, i hope that, by letting him joining the trip and exposing to any activities, without me and my abe, it will build his strength and confidence in dealing with society around him.

what i've discovered about his attitude with people is that, he would react nothing when someone asked him, he just keep quiet(never says yes or no) and even buat 'do no' je, purak2 tak dengar. but, kat rumah...fuyoo..sikit2..kenapa macam ni macam ni? kenapa macam tu macam tu?..always used 'why' questions. different with ilham, he is independent, brave, yet too sensitive. kalau tak kena sikit, berguling2 tak kira kat mana pun..atas pasir, kat supermarket..

p/s: whatever, my sons, my assets, my wish and my proud of you..

just wanna post this scene..enjoy it..

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