Sunday, April 26, 2009

jom heboh @ TLDM Lumut

hey, we went to jomheboh TV3 for the first time of our life. hehe..this time at Pengkalan TLDM Lumut, about 2 hours from my house which supposed to be 1 hour only in the case of no event held.
well, not so happening and enjoying as we were there at the wrong timing (12.30 noon)..fuhh..soo hot and so crowd. next time, we should be going after 'Asr, baru best nak jln2..frustrated la sikit semalam..we just dropped by at 3 booths only;lady's choice, Ribena and Azmy. huhu..tak sempat nak take pic with Ribena 's duta, Abby Abadi. she is so beautiful on live.

what happened..
- 1 hour jammed before getting park
- parking? 15 minutes to tapak jomheboh by foot
- bought RM 10 of Ribena's product and 2 mineral water from Azmy (yg jual frozen foods tu la)
- sempat try lipton tea, coleslaw and sandwich je kat lady's choice's booth
- 12.30 sampai kat tapak pesta, 2.00pm kat luar TLDM dah
- frustration terubat coz dpt mkn dreamed nasi lauk ikan bakaq near to teluk batik..heeheh

p/s: waiting for suarasa TV9 at Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV on 1st and 2nd May.

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