Tuesday, April 21, 2009

short break

im back...

1 week break for personal matters..

lectures already finished..it's time to produce carrying marks..im struggling towards it..


actually,im marking testssss..break jap...too bored..macam2 answers given by students..

what happened last week?
baby ilham got fever..tarik already- for the 1st time (cant believe it). sian cayang mama..luckily my mom in-law ada. at least ada yg accompanied me even she did nothing. she came to my house to send off my in-law to her 1st workplace (1st posting). My husband was on his way to grik but he returned back after mek called him.
where was ami? he was asleep and woke up when i shouted calling mek. he actually just recovered from having fever as well 2 or 3 days ago- almost 2 weeks got on-and-off-fever.
how's baby?he ended up 3 days in war

Alhamdulillah, he's ok till now but not me, i got mc for 2 days after discharging from hospital, ended up a lot of works waiting for me in office, including what im doing right now.

fuhh..1 bundle settled, 3 bundles left.ive promised to post the result by tomorrow..insyaAllah..

ok..gtg..see u then..

p/s:life must goes on..

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