Thursday, July 30, 2009

short-break ~ boys met cousins

weekend in kampung..

ilham and azami met with their cousins for a short usual, they are all excited knowing the 2-perak-boys are coming back. though it was just for a short period, they have a precious moment together keeping in touch before hari raya gathering next 2 months.
here are some pics telling how happy they were be together. someone is missing here; atheef fathi, the kl-boy, nini's only child, the 10th grandchild out of 11.

pics down below show the observer of the scene:

p/s: waiting for hari raya mass gathering, cant wait..

Monday, July 27, 2009

the unexpected class-in-history

'ofis ditutup seminggu berikutan wabak Influenza A (H1N1)'..

cant believe it. the first time i heard about this virus, it was happened in australia, canada and such, so far away from us-malaysia-. but then, we were shocked by the first case reported in our country. the number of cases keeps on increasing day by day and finally, my lovely-workplace was declared 'closed' in relation to that recent swine flu cases. as a result, we are closed for 1 week..yeay, hurray (to students laa)....yet, the later website-information revealed that, this break would be the adjusted-mid sembreak. tentatively, mid sembreak is supposed to be during hari raya break. but, it was adjusted to be earlier. i bet, our hari raya break will be shorter....what to do?just obey.

too sad, my campus was infected with this virus, but praise to Allah, it's not very serious so far, hopefully all campus citizens will be fine and come back to campus as usual next week. me?got 5 days of rest including weekend..(ok la tu)..went back to home town..lepaskan windu pada nieces and nephews and of course to ma and we, family in-laws, siblings and suasana kampung yg nyaman dan damai..thank Allah..

now, im at office, continue writing this post since yesterday. just come around to finish a lot of works waiting in my office (plus this blog hehe)..luckily the students are not around..then i can prepare materials for the next lectures without rushing to go to the classes. actually, it's good having a break. yes, it is. beside having a short good rest with family (both students and lecturers), we can finish ape-ape yg patut for the lectures, do research a little bit, as well as organize the materials; t-port, filing, decoration and many more. in short, buat ape-ape yg patut le. it's not we cant do those kind of things during lectures, but we have many classes to be concentrated on. but then, yaa, it depends on how we manage the time..right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

july 09 - nov 09 ~ the next journey

salam everybody..

for this entry, i want to express my feeling, comments and such towards my job this semester up to this moment. in general, its ok enough than before (supposed to be like that), in terms of the lecture work itself as well as my personal attitudes; level of confidence, firm, and short, believe in my self lah.

regarding the lecture; til now, i was totally prepared to the classes (i think). The notes, past year's questions, quizzes, everything has been planned and well-organized. so, im ready to do my job. that's not enough to be a lecturer, even to be somebody who will deal a lot with people, talking in front of the crowded people . the most important thing is the belief in yourself, the confidence, and to be firm in some cases. this kind of inner feelings will make people feel "waaaahhh" (respect, believe, salute) to you, yaaa, even you did nothing or you actually gave the wrong information, or you just create the story..hehe. so do i. i feel better this semester, i am more confidence and believe in myself that, hey, im a lecturer now (cant believe it before). thanks to my abe, he supports me a lot. he did say that, 'you got the post, then you are the lecturer, you deserved to it'. i love my husband. i respect his brave in public speaking and i did notice, he has a talent to be somebody in the future (God willing).

ok lets come back to this 'entry title'. related materials: done, except for another 2 topics are on the way to settle down (hopefully settled in 2 weeks time). classes: so far so good, all classes were on as scheduled. syllabus: still follow the lesson plan (we are in week 3 now, 14 weeks alltogether). so, overall, everything is still under control and hopefully it will follow the plans smoothly till the end of semester. lectures: confidence as i've prepared and i knew what i've lectured and shall be lecturing. therefore, im ready for any potential questions might be asked by students, insyaAllah.

among others, be prepared, understand first before you make others understand to what u are saying and..have confidence in whatever situation.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Kebangsaan ke 52

The said event was held on 21 -25 Rejab 1430H (14 -18 July 2009) and hosted by UTP with the theme of 'Wahdah Pemangkin Khaira Ummah*'. The majlis was succesfully organized by JAKIM and SUK/JAIP and participated by 15 qari* and 14 qariah* represented of 14 states including johan menunggu. every states sent 2 reps (qari, qariah) each except 1 qari from Kelantan. and the winners announced were:

1) Awgku Omar Asfuaddin bin Awang Hamdan - Sarawak
2) Anuar bin Hasin - Perak
3) Abdullah bin Abdul Wadid - Sabah

1) Cik Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah binti Syed Badiuzzaman (Johan menunggu) - Perak
2) Nor Azrah binti Ayub - Johor
3) Normalina binti Alias - Wilayah Persekutuan

Keseluruhan = Sarawak

The prizes to the winners were presented by:

Qari>> Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-lah.

Qariah>>Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja Permaisuri Perak, Tuanku Bainun.

It was the first ever in-kind event that i have attended to. We went there on the last day for the closing and the prize giving ceremony. Actually, we also went there on the previous day, but we couldnt get the seats as we were late. So, with the hope of getting the strategic location in the Dewan Canselori UTP, we went there as soon as possible after maghrib. and, yes, finally we got the seats, yet, not so strategic la (tgk le pic tu, the view was not nice~serabut je tiang light effect tu), la. The majlis began with the speeches, followed by gamelan and nasyid performances, announcement of the winners, Quran recitation by the best winners, and prize giving ceremony. and we went back before the event finished. ooppss..lupa, we got souvenir tau..hehe


*wahdah = arabic word means, penyatuan
Khaira = kebaikan
qari/qariah = from the word Qaraa, which means 'baca'
qari = pembaca lelaki, qariah = pembaca perempuan

p/s: waiting for Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran International level

Monday, July 13, 2009

enjoyable weekend...yeay..hurray..

we have enjoyed unplanned weekend in kl. so relaxable, enjoyable, fun, interesting, yet...ending with pity and sadness.

we went to play bowling at BB Golf and country club (ma, nini, atheef,diknor, afizul, me n my family). For the first time, the first ever experience gained in bowling, i got the highest score among other 4 players..heheheeh. i began with '0' for the first 2 games, but with 4 strikes, look at my foot la (ada unsur2 riak di situ)..hehehe.

bowling at BBGC
the first ever visit to the Times Square Cosmo's World Theme Park, for us as a family, gave a great experiences n fun time especially for Azami n Ilham's childhood life...and so do i (heheh..for a 'quite' adventure part of life). Situated at 9th floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, it is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia with 15 'games' available to be enjoyed with.

Galaxy station, suitable for adults, is a place that will have you spinning, soaring and twirling up to dizzying heights. Among the games available here: supersonic odyssey (takut gile nak naik benda ni..dgr pun dh gerun), dna mixer, dizzy izzy, ooort's express, spinning orbit, space, robo crash.i've tried robo crash je. yang lain...fuhhh..tobat..takut wei..but ma n nini enjoyed oorts' express and dizzy izzy (salute la ma...)

Fantasy garden, available for kids, as its name said, full with cartoon imagery featuring gigantic plants and creatures. Azami has fun with almost all games available: fantasy trail, botanic drive, flying bumble bee, buddy go round, crazy bus, molly-cool's swing, honey bump, kidz theatre, except kidz playground.

p/s: pity to a little boy atheef, been admitted to ward hospital sungai buloh (muntah dr pg smpi petang).Hope he will be ok very soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what do i have

we and ma are now in their honeymoon time~like newly-weds~.mana tak nya, all of their 6 daughters n sons were safely married and stay separately on their own. so,ma n we have their best time to be a lovely couple without any disturb. Their responsibilties on us; daughters; had been transferred to our lovely respective husbands. Now, both ma n we have the another good time to spend with their 11 hiperactive-grandchildrens.

granchildrens (excluding kak chik)

p/s: thanks to be part of my life, cheer up my days, supporting me in whatever situation n being a place to gaduh2 manja (biasa la~air dicincang takkan putus), forgive me for my mistakes..i love u all very very much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

flash back ~ school years

i was facebooking with my ol buddy..Mah (merangkap jiran depan rumah kat kg, also my old classmate) while thinking of new posting this afternoon..chattiing with her reminded me of our kenangan bersama2 during our first school time~tadika kemas n primary school~i was 6 when stepping in the tadika..with my sis, Mah, Uzaini, Nasrul Muhaimin, Aghah n many others that i couldnt remember right now..but i did have a few photos of us (kena selongkar balik foto lama kat umah).

historic events of tadika-time that are still fresh in my mind:
- makan best especially nasi goreng..hehe
- duduk dlm bulatan for the meal-time
- first admire kat budak laki(ada la)...hehehe (kecik2 pun gelenya jugok aku nih..wonder about him now
- sth happenned to Uzaini..heeh
- err..alahai..cannot remember le gile le pi tadika masa tu.. about primary school?..more interesting, more adventures experienced n more challenges had sucessfully taken..wanna know?im rewind-ing my memories 24 years back.

>>never wearing skirts n free-hair (kalu tk salah le)~even during standard 1
>>tiru cikgu maktab pakai tudung pusing2 atas kepala
>>kutu?toksah oyak la..sume pakat ado
>>visit maktab pengkalan chepa naik bas bwk bekal nasi lemak mokcik kiah (best)
>>pinched by cikgu maktab (ajar matematik) (forgot the reason)~dia benci kat ku ko?
>>got no. 1 in most of the exams ~ beat dgn uzaini (pesaing sengit)
>>stdard 6..tup2 became ketua pengawas(baru jd pengawas dh jd ketua)..hehe
>>kenangan indah with cikgu soha n cikgu daud
>>memory in rantau abang (educational visit during stdard 6)
>>visit to gunung reng, terengganu
>>lead the dikir barat peformance for teacher's day
>>kejadian memalukan in front of assembly
>>school rep in netball,bola baling, quizzes (math n english), lalu lintas
>>hehe..treated by guru besar to KFC with others (8 all together)~sbb dpt good result in maths (my favorite subject tu..always score)
>>played bola katok (6A1 vs 6A2)~best gile
>>admire someone ~ biarlah rahsia (wonder about him)
>>frustrated~UPSR didnt score (but alhamdulillah, life is still go on)
>>so many many many sweet memories to be saved tightly in my head forever n ever
>>wonder about the others.. yogeswari, rohaida, norhayatie, nik maziah, junaidah, suriati, shahrul nazim, adnan, nasrul, mustakim n a lot more ol friends

p/s:thanks to cikgu2..your kind supports and contributions were very appreciated. for others..kalu buat jugak kan?..hope to see each other again next time..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

july ~ next journey begins's july time flies...

im totally occupied right now..with the syllabus, the slides, the notes, the questions, past years and all sorts, and not forget, with facebook, Barn Buddy, YM, blog...heheheeh.

next week, new semester begins..jul - nov 09, here i am..
as usual, i hold 4 classes all together to be focused to, with 1 additional newly-introduced subject for Part 5 diploma students. This new code made me busy all the days back then and during the whole semster, for sure. nevermind, it's my job..take it easy. thanks a lot to Nini, Ijan, Wani, kak Syiqin and kak Marina ~ my faculty-mates~ for their helps/materials.

good bye to investment analysis, my first quite tough subject, the starting point be experimented to show out my bakat terpendam (ceewah) as a lecturer. Then, i thought, and ,i did, i made it successfully with the helps of En Azrul , Kak Wan Razz, Wani  and Amir Hakim (thanks for the tutorial question).
Apart of that, i am still holding EC, from the beginning of my journey here till the end of its life in diploma level this semester. Heard that, no more EC in the next semester. im quite master in it right now, i thought..hehe. lets make it better than before.

p/s: please welcome my dear students to my classes. see u next week..