Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what do i have

we and ma are now in their honeymoon time~like newly-weds~.mana tak nya, all of their 6 daughters n sons were safely married and stay separately on their own. so,ma n we have their best time to be a lovely couple without any disturb. Their responsibilties on us; daughters; had been transferred to our lovely respective husbands. Now, both ma n we have the another good time to spend with their 11 hiperactive-grandchildrens.

granchildrens (excluding kak chik)

p/s: thanks to be part of my life, cheer up my days, supporting me in whatever situation n being a place to gaduh2 manja (biasa la~air dicincang takkan putus), forgive me for my mistakes..i love u all very very much.

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