Tuesday, July 21, 2009

july 09 - nov 09 ~ the next journey

salam everybody..

for this entry, i want to express my feeling, comments and such towards my job this semester up to this moment. in general, its ok enough than before (supposed to be like that), in terms of the lecture work itself as well as my personal attitudes; level of confidence, firm, and ..in short, believe in my self lah.

regarding the lecture; til now, i was totally prepared to the classes (i think). The notes, past year's questions, quizzes, everything has been planned and well-organized. so, im ready to do my job. that's not enough to be a lecturer, even to be somebody who will deal a lot with people, talking in front of the crowded people . the most important thing is the belief in yourself, the confidence, and to be firm in some cases. this kind of inner feelings will make people feel "waaaahhh" (respect, believe, salute) to you, yaaa, even you did nothing or you actually gave the wrong information, or you just create the story..hehe. so do i. i feel better this semester, i am more confidence and believe in myself that, hey, im a lecturer now (cant believe it before). thanks to my abe, he supports me a lot. he did say that, 'you got the post, then you are the lecturer, you deserved to it'. i love my husband. i respect his brave in public speaking and i did notice, he has a talent to be somebody in the future (God willing).

ok lets come back to this 'entry title'. related materials: done, except for another 2 topics are on the way to settle down (hopefully settled in 2 weeks time). classes: so far so good, all classes were on as scheduled. syllabus: still follow the lesson plan (we are in week 3 now, 14 weeks alltogether). so, overall, everything is still under control and hopefully it will follow the plans smoothly till the end of semester. lectures: confidence as i've prepared and i knew what i've lectured and shall be lecturing. therefore, im ready for any potential questions might be asked by students, insyaAllah.

among others, be prepared, understand first before you make others understand to what u are saying and..have confidence in whatever situation.

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