Thursday, July 2, 2009

july ~ next journey begins's july time flies...

im totally occupied right now..with the syllabus, the slides, the notes, the questions, past years and all sorts, and not forget, with facebook, Barn Buddy, YM, blog...heheheeh.

next week, new semester begins..jul - nov 09, here i am..
as usual, i hold 4 classes all together to be focused to, with 1 additional newly-introduced subject for Part 5 diploma students. This new code made me busy all the days back then and during the whole semster, for sure. nevermind, it's my job..take it easy. thanks a lot to Nini, Ijan, Wani, kak Syiqin and kak Marina ~ my faculty-mates~ for their helps/materials.

good bye to investment analysis, my first quite tough subject, the starting point be experimented to show out my bakat terpendam (ceewah) as a lecturer. Then, i thought, and ,i did, i made it successfully with the helps of En Azrul , Kak Wan Razz, Wani  and Amir Hakim (thanks for the tutorial question).
Apart of that, i am still holding EC, from the beginning of my journey here till the end of its life in diploma level this semester. Heard that, no more EC in the next semester. im quite master in it right now, i thought..hehe. lets make it better than before.

p/s: please welcome my dear students to my classes. see u next week..

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