Monday, July 13, 2009

enjoyable weekend...yeay..hurray..

we have enjoyed unplanned weekend in kl. so relaxable, enjoyable, fun, interesting, yet...ending with pity and sadness.

we went to play bowling at BB Golf and country club (ma, nini, atheef,diknor, afizul, me n my family). For the first time, the first ever experience gained in bowling, i got the highest score among other 4 players..heheheeh. i began with '0' for the first 2 games, but with 4 strikes, look at my foot la (ada unsur2 riak di situ)..hehehe.

bowling at BBGC
the first ever visit to the Times Square Cosmo's World Theme Park, for us as a family, gave a great experiences n fun time especially for Azami n Ilham's childhood life...and so do i (heheh..for a 'quite' adventure part of life). Situated at 9th floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, it is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia with 15 'games' available to be enjoyed with.

Galaxy station, suitable for adults, is a place that will have you spinning, soaring and twirling up to dizzying heights. Among the games available here: supersonic odyssey (takut gile nak naik benda ni..dgr pun dh gerun), dna mixer, dizzy izzy, ooort's express, spinning orbit, space, robo crash.i've tried robo crash je. yang lain...fuhhh..tobat..takut wei..but ma n nini enjoyed oorts' express and dizzy izzy (salute la ma...)

Fantasy garden, available for kids, as its name said, full with cartoon imagery featuring gigantic plants and creatures. Azami has fun with almost all games available: fantasy trail, botanic drive, flying bumble bee, buddy go round, crazy bus, molly-cool's swing, honey bump, kidz theatre, except kidz playground.

p/s: pity to a little boy atheef, been admitted to ward hospital sungai buloh (muntah dr pg smpi petang).Hope he will be ok very soon.

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