Monday, July 27, 2009

the unexpected class-in-history

'ofis ditutup seminggu berikutan wabak Influenza A (H1N1)'..

cant believe it. the first time i heard about this virus, it was happened in australia, canada and such, so far away from us-malaysia-. but then, we were shocked by the first case reported in our country. the number of cases keeps on increasing day by day and finally, my lovely-workplace was declared 'closed' in relation to that recent swine flu cases. as a result, we are closed for 1 week..yeay, hurray (to students laa)....yet, the later website-information revealed that, this break would be the adjusted-mid sembreak. tentatively, mid sembreak is supposed to be during hari raya break. but, it was adjusted to be earlier. i bet, our hari raya break will be shorter....what to do?just obey.

too sad, my campus was infected with this virus, but praise to Allah, it's not very serious so far, hopefully all campus citizens will be fine and come back to campus as usual next week. me?got 5 days of rest including weekend..(ok la tu)..went back to home town..lepaskan windu pada nieces and nephews and of course to ma and we, family in-laws, siblings and suasana kampung yg nyaman dan damai..thank Allah..

now, im at office, continue writing this post since yesterday. just come around to finish a lot of works waiting in my office (plus this blog hehe)..luckily the students are not around..then i can prepare materials for the next lectures without rushing to go to the classes. actually, it's good having a break. yes, it is. beside having a short good rest with family (both students and lecturers), we can finish ape-ape yg patut for the lectures, do research a little bit, as well as organize the materials; t-port, filing, decoration and many more. in short, buat ape-ape yg patut le. it's not we cant do those kind of things during lectures, but we have many classes to be concentrated on. but then, yaa, it depends on how we manage the time..right?

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