Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piala Malaysia 2010

Red Warriors created a new history in Malaysia Cup, after 4 times went to final. gomo kelate gomo beat hoben jang hoben 2-1.

alhamdulillah. berbaloi jugak jeling2 tengok tv malam tu. nk tengok direct, takut kalah, frust nanti. tu pun jeling2 tengok masa bola dekat gol rusa. kalau bola dekat gol kijang, terus buat2 tk nampak.hihihi. tahniah untuk pasukan Kelantan. dua2 pasukan sama2 hebat, cuma nasib tak menyebelahi N9.

p/s: kelantan dapat cuti satu hari. kagum la dengan semangat kesukanan penyokong masing2, terutama penyokong Kelantan. adik ipar i pun gi jugak dari Cameron Highland. fanatik sungguh

Monday, October 25, 2010

Malaysia Cup: Kelantan vs N9

again, kelantan will be going to final this year 2010, meeting with Malaysia Cup holder, N9. after several goal attempts from kelantan along the match, corner kick by Nur Shahrul Idlan was said to be lucky in the 78th minutes. Suddenly, GOALLLLLLL, my husband shouted sambil melompat2.hihi.. 'makk, tergezut ambo'. worth the time watching it. Kelantan won 1 - 0 against Kedah at own place.

30 OCTOBER 2010

whose turn this year?will see
p/s: ikhlaskan niat. insyaAllah akan mendapat ganjaran yang baik

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

taman tamadun islam (TTI)

Located in Pulau Wan Man, Kuala Terengganu, contains about 21 islamic monuments reflected the muslim minds from all over the world. google this TTI.

kat dlm TTI

masjid kristal

p/s: next time nk round ngan basikal pulak dlm tu.

Monday, October 11, 2010

boys and library

time to library boys.

we had our time in library. just for an hour per visit to make boys used to library and books. first few minutes, fine, turned page by page, saw pictures, read a few words, but then, run here, run there, masuk bawah meja, main rak buku, served them right. kena marah kat librarian.hehehe. kids.

p/s: same to me. cant concentrate on book for a longer time. half page is quite enough.

Formal vs Fun

last weekend, i got a course for the whole week. held in Shah Alam, and we stayed at Intekma Resort. best, bored, exhausted, tension, nervous yet never felt hungry.hihi. speech and talk and speech and talk, but seriously, the topics were very very interesting, about adult learners, andragogy, teaching styles, something related to education, sampaikan suddenly came across in our minds to further study in this subject matter. how good it is. after all, the foods were crazy best. agaknya caterer uitm ni memang best2 la. that's why one of the speaker said, "you'll put on weight after this course". it might be true. and i feel something like rasa gemukkk je, rasa tembamm je pipi. rasa je la.hhihi. never mind, eat as long as we could. no one knows what will happen in the future.

Alhamdullilah, all went good. so did mock teaching on the last day of the course. just one thing left. assignment. yes, and right now im searching for articles. after all this requirements done, insyaAllah, it'll end with something good.

p/s: thanks a lot to wani for the transport. congrat for the good news


back to my place after course, and the next day we went again to putrajaya. jalan2 perabih duit.hihi. to meet with my ma n we n nieces. they all came from kampung just to have a visit to my youngest sister, diknor. so, we gathered at her house sambil makan2 nasi dagang. best. 'adnin n syimah, nanti datang rumah mokteh pulak deh'..

boys meet cousin

p/s: seronok berkumpul bersama keluarga

Sunday, October 3, 2010

XIX Commonwealth Games: Lets the games begin

Finally, after many controversies and chaotic preparation, Delhi 2010 XIX Commonwealth Games was officially opened last night at the grand and colourful opening ceremony took place in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

as the 2nd time held in Asia, New Delhi opens its door to about 71 countries with more than 6000 athletes who will take part in the various games available. Among the countries that involved in the parade, i realized that actually there are many other small countries that really exist which yet to be known. Kkiribati, Niue. ada jugak negara ni ye. baru tahu.

p/s: teringat masa sukan komanwel kat Malaysia tahun 1998.