Monday, October 11, 2010

Formal vs Fun

last weekend, i got a course for the whole week. held in Shah Alam, and we stayed at Intekma Resort. best, bored, exhausted, tension, nervous yet never felt hungry.hihi. speech and talk and speech and talk, but seriously, the topics were very very interesting, about adult learners, andragogy, teaching styles, something related to education, sampaikan suddenly came across in our minds to further study in this subject matter. how good it is. after all, the foods were crazy best. agaknya caterer uitm ni memang best2 la. that's why one of the speaker said, "you'll put on weight after this course". it might be true. and i feel something like rasa gemukkk je, rasa tembamm je pipi. rasa je la.hhihi. never mind, eat as long as we could. no one knows what will happen in the future.

Alhamdullilah, all went good. so did mock teaching on the last day of the course. just one thing left. assignment. yes, and right now im searching for articles. after all this requirements done, insyaAllah, it'll end with something good.

p/s: thanks a lot to wani for the transport. congrat for the good news


back to my place after course, and the next day we went again to putrajaya. jalan2 perabih duit.hihi. to meet with my ma n we n nieces. they all came from kampung just to have a visit to my youngest sister, diknor. so, we gathered at her house sambil makan2 nasi dagang. best. 'adnin n syimah, nanti datang rumah mokteh pulak deh'..

boys meet cousin

p/s: seronok berkumpul bersama keluarga

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