Tuesday, August 18, 2009

welcome,,,Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

how times fly....closed-eyes, opened-eyes..we reach another Ramadhan...Allah willing, we'll be able to finish the whole month of it.

Ramadhan 1430......here i am...

this is the 2nd time im fasting here, far away from my husband (weekday je la, weekend dia ade). same goes to my Abe..but, people said, berjauhan..rindu-rinduan..yes, it is. but, it's not..dekat..benci-benci-an..hehe..

as for this Ramadhan, i've planned to start small business. for the starting point, i'll just contribute money, everything will handle by a friend of mine, Nor Zuhaidah Mohd Zain. we've planned to sell some sorts of sambal daging (kelantan mari), bahulu gulung, biskut raya and a few other food products. actually, she invited me to join her business. and, macam mengantuk di sorongkan bantal..i accepted her offer together with another 2 businesswomen-to-be..hehheh. we'll sell the products at bazaar Ramadhan near UPSI, tanjong Malim. and i think, business during Ramadhan will not 'menang tangan' as for my observation, people will buy almost whatever offered. but, im also afraid of H1N1 could be the obstacle for people going out.


p/s: H1N1 deaths are on rise...lets pray..

Monday, August 17, 2009

photo shot..

hey, azami got his first ever passport pic. hehehe...at first, he didnt let his pic to be taken, after 3 tries, the pakcik kedai gambar managed to get his best shot. tu pun...not centre, with his muka masam, hehe..anak umi...and finally, after making necessary editing..we got this..

this pic is for applying PRESCHOOL next year. i've registered him to standard 1 at the same school the year after. i hope, i've made the right decision choosing this school for his 2nd steps towards school life after having 1 year of fun time in Tabika

Thursday, August 13, 2009

majlis tilawah antarabangsa ke 51

last night was the prize presentation and closing ceremony for the said event, after having almost a week of alquran recitation from the participants. long time ago, we malaysia always being the champion in this said tilawah. but, recently, we seemed lost our 'zaman kegemilangan' in reciting al-Quran with correct tajwid, nice tarannum (lagu) and voices. perhaps we are good in tajwid, but lack in the tarannum and voice parts. if we refer to our 'zaman kegemilangan' back then, we had qari and qariah like Hj Ismail Hashim, Ustazah Faridah Mat Saman dan Hajjah Rogayah Sulong. these people had made the 1st place or even the 3rd place in our hand. luckily, cik Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah binti Syed Badiuzzaman ~ the winner for qariah in national tilawah competition (click here for the national tilawah competition) got the 1st place in this international level. she (won 2nd place in 'akademi alQuran' musim ke 2) has the great voice indeed. what happened then?are we lack of good qari or qariah nowadays?it has been observed that the participants other than malaysia were keep on improving in their way of reciting the quran. hopefully, we can get back our glory in tilawah alQuran.

p/s: the way of recitation is one thing. the meaning of those ayat is the most important.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

revaluation day ~ PERSIDA

my faculty were having family day on last sunday. this time, we have 2-day program, i only attended on the 2nd day ~ for sukaneka. i went there alone, left behind my kids with their abah...hehehe..(thanks my dear abe). the event were only attended by en. Hatta (ketua koordinator), en. Azman (koordinator program), masitah (penasihat PERSIDA), kak wati, nabilah, sunarti and kak naimah yahya. i have enjoyed senamrobik and breakfast. the rest of activities?huhu..missed them coz the lecturers wanna go back. no gang to enjoy with, then, i went back home, left masitah alone (maklum le..penasihat...kena tunggu smpi program habih le..ehehhe).
so frustrated. never mind. 'tomorrow is still have'.
our theme for this semster was 'tak lapuk dek hujan tak lekang dek panas'. the organizer (part 3 students) renamed the prgramme to be 'Revaluation Day' whereby revaluation (for our context) means to revalue the DIA students to become more creative and open-minded so that they can fit the current situation of globalisation.

p/s: thanks to masitah and the organizer, for the breakfast. see u in our next programmes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

SPSS: intermediate

the next step in mastering the SPSS software~ SPSS course for intermediate.

now, it is lunch break for the 2nd day of such course. it's already 1.45pm, 45 minutes more to the next session. in my previous entry, i have posted about my participation in the in-kind course attended; SPSS for beginners (click here). This time, it is for intermediate; more advance and focus specifically on how to do analysis and how to interpret the results. very interesting. now i know a little bit on how to read the data and come out with the findings of the research.


  • parametric tests ~ t-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA
  • non-parametric test
  • regression and correlation
as usual, the foods served were crazy best. i liked this caterer. they could provide many kinds of menus..delicious and worth it (maybe..ehhe). that's why i like attending courses here..hehehe..
p/s: thanks a bunch to kak Norhasliza Ahmad, from FSKM, as our instructor for the said course

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H1NI:bala dan petunjuk?

Influenza A(H1N1) virus is a subtype of influenza virus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans and cause a small fraction of all influenza-like illness and a large fraction of all seasonal influenza. H1N1 strains caused roughly half of all human flu infections in 2006. Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs (swine influenza) and in birds (avian influenza).
In June 2009,
World Health Organization declared that flu due to a new strain of swine-origin H1N1 was responsible for the 2009 flu pandemic. This strain is commonly called "swine flu" by the public media.

"......berdasarkan situasi global, sehingga hari ini sebanyak 189,155 kes dengan 1,319 kematian dilaporkan membabitkan 168 negara dengan Pakistan melaporkan kes pertama.
..........statistik tersebut meningkat sebanyak 3,301 kes dengan 12 kematian berbanding hari sebelumnya."

- Utusan Online, 5 Ogos 2009-
melihat kepada perkembangan penularan virus tersebut, terdetik dibenak, apakah ini ujian dari yang Maha Esa, adakah ini yang dikatakan bala, sepertimana yang berlaku kepada kaum zaman anbiya' dulu2 seperti kaum nabi Nuh, nabi Musa dan nabi2 ('alaihimsalam) selainnya?bezanya zaman dulu didatangkan bala yg besar sekaligus, seperti tenggelamnya kaum nabi nuh dan tentera firaun yg jahil dan kufur. mungkin juga seperti terjadinya tsunami 26 disember 2004 yg lalu. lain pula dengan virus A ini yg terkesan secara perlahan-lahan. mungkin juga ini adalah tanda2 kiamat kecil yg ditunjukkan oleh Allah swt kepada mereka yg berfikir. semoga kita semua berada didalam golongan org yg berfikir dan mengambil iktibar di atas berlakunya perkara2 sedemikian rupa..
'ya Allah ya tuhanku, jika sekiranya ini adalah amaran dan petunjuk dari Mu, jauhkanlah kami daripadanya. semoga kami dapat mengambil iktibar dan dekatkan lah hati kami kepada Mu ya Allah yang Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Pengampun'...amiin
Doa ketika terjadi penyakit menular:
"Aku membenteng diri dgn nama Tuhan yg mempunyai kemuliaan dan kekuatan, aku berpegang teguh pada Tuhan yg menguasai alam nyata dan alam ghaib, aku bertawakkal kepada Tuhan yg hidup dan yg tidak mati selama-lamanya. semoga kiranya Engkau hindarkan kami ya Allah dari bala dan wabak. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

suarasa tv9 - dataran majlis bandaraya

we went to suarasa tv9 for the 2nd time (click here for the 1st time). this time at dataran majlis bandaraya. almost 2 years staying here, this is the first time i stepped on here, at majlis bandaraya..bagus tak?hehe..

i liked this visit cause the weather was so cool n calm..not as hot as when i went to jomheboh at lumut few months ago. moreover, the people also not very crowded and we have a good time walking through all booths available. there were booths celcom, of course, as the main sponsor, silky girl, tv9's programmes, al-risalah, and many more domestic products offered like jus kurma, rendang tok mak nek, air tok guru. we bought nestle's product; bliss (yogurt), lovely cake (lembut gile kek tu..besttt), crunchy kerepek ubi kayu, and ice blended cappucino(my favourite)..hehehe.

i think, this event offered a great chance to those who are operating small business to expand their products more wider. i liked this, seeing many small busineses opened booths for their own benefits. ade yg tgh kacau rendang, selling fruits pun ade, pizza, cookies. i think this dataran was the good place for such event (compared with jomheboh lumut and suarasa kota bharu) as it has good spot to lepak2, rehat2. but i didnt like such kind of people who doesnt have a sense of 'kesedaran sivik', throw rubbish everywhere, even there were dustbins provided. ade kolam ikan kat situ, pun ade byk sampah dlm tu. for how long it will be last?kesedaran sivik bermula dari rumah. teach our children to keep our earth clean and green.

sukaneka tabika 2009

hey..azami was having a great fun last weekend.me too n my abe also..hehehe.. his tabika organized 'sukaneka tabika perpaduan 2009' on 1 august 2009. after rushing preparing the breakfast, washed the clothes, and doing whatever needed, we went there, at padang bola taman maju at almost 8 am. the organizer was Jabatan Perpaduan negara dan Integrasi Nasional  in collaboration with JPTP taman maju I dan II, bandar universiti and taman seri ara. hence, there were 4 tabika alltogether involved in this event; tabika perpaduan(TP) taman maju I, TP taman maju II, TP bandar universiti and TP taman seri ara. it was launched by encik Shahrani bin Yusof, pegawai perpaduan . the event was greatly successful as many parents attended to it. The Adun Bota also presented in this event.

pics around the corner

after the speeches, parents were enjoyed by the performance from 4 tabikas; the gimrama, azami as pom-pom boy..ehehehhe..hahaaahha..

ade yg main bola, pom-pom, gelung

there were 5 games provided for the kids. azami took part in the first 2 games. tak nak main dh pastu. my abe n i also took part in 'rebut kerusi'. luck was not on our side. kalah teruk..ehehhe. azami played rantaian samudera (sambung benda bulat2, masuk dlm tali) and jaga-jaga mutiaraku (bawak bola pinpong dlm sudu). both got 3rd place.

ami n abah in actions

azami with his awards...jadila