Thursday, August 13, 2009

majlis tilawah antarabangsa ke 51

last night was the prize presentation and closing ceremony for the said event, after having almost a week of alquran recitation from the participants. long time ago, we malaysia always being the champion in this said tilawah. but, recently, we seemed lost our 'zaman kegemilangan' in reciting al-Quran with correct tajwid, nice tarannum (lagu) and voices. perhaps we are good in tajwid, but lack in the tarannum and voice parts. if we refer to our 'zaman kegemilangan' back then, we had qari and qariah like Hj Ismail Hashim, Ustazah Faridah Mat Saman dan Hajjah Rogayah Sulong. these people had made the 1st place or even the 3rd place in our hand. luckily, cik Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah binti Syed Badiuzzaman ~ the winner for qariah in national tilawah competition (click here for the national tilawah competition) got the 1st place in this international level. she (won 2nd place in 'akademi alQuran' musim ke 2) has the great voice indeed. what happened then?are we lack of good qari or qariah nowadays?it has been observed that the participants other than malaysia were keep on improving in their way of reciting the quran. hopefully, we can get back our glory in tilawah alQuran.

p/s: the way of recitation is one thing. the meaning of those ayat is the most important.

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