Friday, August 7, 2009

SPSS: intermediate

the next step in mastering the SPSS software~ SPSS course for intermediate.

now, it is lunch break for the 2nd day of such course. it's already 1.45pm, 45 minutes more to the next session. in my previous entry, i have posted about my participation in the in-kind course attended; SPSS for beginners (click here). This time, it is for intermediate; more advance and focus specifically on how to do analysis and how to interpret the results. very interesting. now i know a little bit on how to read the data and come out with the findings of the research.


  • parametric tests ~ t-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA
  • non-parametric test
  • regression and correlation
as usual, the foods served were crazy best. i liked this caterer. they could provide many kinds of menus..delicious and worth it (maybe..ehhe). that's why i like attending courses here..hehehe..
p/s: thanks a bunch to kak Norhasliza Ahmad, from FSKM, as our instructor for the said course

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Norhasliza Ahmad said...

Ur welcome..I hope the knowledge that I've shared in the workshop useful p)