Thursday, June 18, 2009

course again!!!

named: 2-day course ~ Bengkel SPSS for the beginners.

SPSS: statistical package for social science, is a software or a tool used in conducting research especially in Chapter 4 during data analysis.

the main objective is to expose lecturers to the software and how to apply it in teaching and learning and research-ing as well. this session specifically for the beginner learners who are zero or at least have a basic idea about SPSS.

well, quite interesting and benefiting; to me (others? didnt know) since i've gone through the spss before when accomplishing my MA back then. just that, previously, i learned a little bit on how to transfer file form excel to spss, to analyze using descriptive, correlation and regression analysis informally from my supervisor, Dr. 'Atef Md Yusof (UUM accounting lecturer). He helped me a lot in dealing with spss and reading the results. Through this course, i gained more information and better understanding of the technical part in doing research (alhamdulillah). make me tak sabar nak wat research..hehe.

anyway, thanks a lot to en Nadzri bin Mohamad from CS, our instructor for the course.

p/s; im waiting for the 2nd session ~ SPSS for intermediate ~ course. to my coursemate: see u next time

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