Wednesday, June 17, 2009

jom pitzza

lets go to pizza..try not-so-new udang..

taste?not bad. better than previously introduced. abe belanja.hehe..for our (ilham n me) birthday plus mother day, one shot. from 8 slices; azami 2, umi 2, abah 3, ilham 1.. cant go more than 2..very very 'muak'..thats why they (n all fast food restaurants) serve with carbonated drinks~ nak kurang rasa muak. soup?mushroom bowl each (tak cukup rasanya).

actually, azami requested to go there, because i told him to ajak abah g last, when he arrived home from grik, we went there after maghrib.

p/s: waiting for the newly-offered pizza meal, perhaps next gaji

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