Monday, June 15, 2009


Happy Birthday to Atheef Fathi this coming 19 June 2009. the small party was made in advance on the next day after the past wedding day. actually, Nini saje2 je buat mkn (seafood BBQ n birthday bash) as the whole family were at home altogether. this is the time to be with each other since me, diknor n nini are staying far away from kampung.
Nini n her family, currently, are staying in KL.
Diknor, stays far away in Temerloh.
the rest of the siblings; abe li, kak yah, abe lan..still there, at our beloved kampung.
So, we're having this BBQ n small birthday party to celebrate our birthday boys (atheef n paknye) and birthday girl (mak nye) to get all families be together as well.

birthday boy

ikan cencaru, udang n jagung bakar, sotong celup tepung n colek malah (yummy)

p/s: Nini n kak yah, thanks for the meals

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