Monday, June 29, 2009

down to memory lane ~ iiummc

what's going to be blogged today?emmm..i've lost my ideas. actually, a lot of things inside my minds to be blogged on.

owhraittt (bunyi sengau2 ckit) an idea...

down there, bunyi bising new students are tortoured(heheh..kena ragging le tu) by the AJK of minggu mesra siswa (MMS). sound very clear from my room (tgh bergelak ketawa, bersorak-sorakan)..tingat zamn dolu2..during my time..memories at matric IIUM lembah pantai..owh God..miss it so much (what happened to the memorably place right now?)

~sweet n sour memories at IIUM matric centre ~my first step towards success.

the most happiest moment in my family n, of course, in my life ~ dpt masuk uuuuuu..
why not?the first daughter n the first anak moksu n poksu Ali was going to menara gading. UIA that time, there were 2 IIUM matric centres; Lembah Pantai n Petaling Jaya. i got Lembah Pantai one (for economics course)..but now, i heard, all are in PJ, no more uia Lembah Pantai. if im not mistaken, 6 blocks alltogether (isnt it, ex-matric lembah pantai-an?) n i was in block 3 with ita, tini, payah, kak wiwi, kat sheta, kak zeti, kak nomad, kak shidah, kak dayah, azi, wanie, izah n all ex-dormmates, level 6 (wonder how r they, what r they doing~ miss them so much).

during ta'aruf* week, the unforgottable n 'happy sgt2 sampi keluar air mata' moment was the last day of taaruf week when we were all ,formally, became uia students after taking off the temporary matric card with the background music that was so touching and kena ngan suasana.

also, during my time back then, we were having 'catuan'.kena catu elektrik..during the day plak tu..only turned on at night..water?we experienced the hard time of no water for quite a long time. solution?ada lori air datang. so, together2 bwk turun tong kosong yg besar tu n brought up yg dh full by lift. luckily lift tak putus tali..if not..cale gaei la..

many more memories to be flashed back;
- with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza ~ dropped by to our dorm to pick her sedara (alahai..lupa nama le plak my dorm-mate nih) up.
- earthquake kat indonesia kot (at that time), smpi terasa kat blok i
- misunderstood with classmate
- donate blood for the 1st time
- watched videotape 'dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge' with buddy; Nor Hafiza Rusni at library for many many times
- nasi lauk ikan keli makcik..err..lupe nama ~ 1st time tried ikan keli (ikan sembilang actually)
- nasi daging scud ~ their foods were crazy best
- kg kerinchi night market ~ monday n friday
- was chosen to be on stage during...(lupa program ape)
- concerts attended ~ kumpulan 'Brothers' (1st)
- 1st time 'outing' at night ~ pernah terlajak commuter smpi kl, supposed turun kat stesen angkasapuri
- 'terpeleot' kaki masa turun tangga, hours before going back to hometown
- many many many many more

* ta'aruf (in arabic) = berkenalan, suai kenal

p/s: kenangan bersama tak dpt dilupakan..forever n ever


NorziatiMR said...

haha... also ex-lembah pantai-an. Banyak kisah masam-manis-pahit-manis. Paling tak best ialah kes air tuh...nasib tak lama sebab dah ke Gombak. Tapi sengsara jugaklah

Nama sedara siti tu Madrdhiah Yahya Zikri, abangnya kawin dengan kakak Siti yang masuk AF tuh..

kakwe said...

haaa...ingat dh..mardhiah..wonder how is she?tq to kzeti..