Sunday, August 2, 2009

sukaneka tabika 2009

hey..azami was having a great fun last too n my abe also..hehehe.. his tabika organized 'sukaneka tabika perpaduan 2009' on 1 august 2009. after rushing preparing the breakfast, washed the clothes, and doing whatever needed, we went there, at padang bola taman maju at almost 8 am. the organizer was Jabatan Perpaduan negara dan Integrasi Nasional  in collaboration with JPTP taman maju I dan II, bandar universiti and taman seri ara. hence, there were 4 tabika alltogether involved in this event; tabika perpaduan(TP) taman maju I, TP taman maju II, TP bandar universiti and TP taman seri ara. it was launched by encik Shahrani bin Yusof, pegawai perpaduan . the event was greatly successful as many parents attended to it. The Adun Bota also presented in this event.

pics around the corner

after the speeches, parents were enjoyed by the performance from 4 tabikas; the gimrama, azami as pom-pom boy..ehehehhe..hahaaahha..

ade yg main bola, pom-pom, gelung

there were 5 games provided for the kids. azami took part in the first 2 games. tak nak main dh pastu. my abe n i also took part in 'rebut kerusi'. luck was not on our side. kalah teruk..ehehhe. azami played rantaian samudera (sambung benda bulat2, masuk dlm tali) and jaga-jaga mutiaraku (bawak bola pinpong dlm sudu). both got 3rd place.

ami n abah in actions

azami with his awards...jadila


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