Sunday, August 2, 2009

suarasa tv9 - dataran majlis bandaraya

we went to suarasa tv9 for the 2nd time (click here for the 1st time). this time at dataran majlis bandaraya. almost 2 years staying here, this is the first time i stepped on here, at majlis bandaraya..bagus tak?hehe..

i liked this visit cause the weather was so cool n calm..not as hot as when i went to jomheboh at lumut few months ago. moreover, the people also not very crowded and we have a good time walking through all booths available. there were booths celcom, of course, as the main sponsor, silky girl, tv9's programmes, al-risalah, and many more domestic products offered like jus kurma, rendang tok mak nek, air tok guru. we bought nestle's product; bliss (yogurt), lovely cake (lembut gile kek tu..besttt), crunchy kerepek ubi kayu, and ice blended cappucino(my favourite)..hehehe.

i think, this event offered a great chance to those who are operating small business to expand their products more wider. i liked this, seeing many small busineses opened booths for their own benefits. ade yg tgh kacau rendang, selling fruits pun ade, pizza, cookies. i think this dataran was the good place for such event (compared with jomheboh lumut and suarasa kota bharu) as it has good spot to lepak2, rehat2. but i didnt like such kind of people who doesnt have a sense of 'kesedaran sivik', throw rubbish everywhere, even there were dustbins provided. ade kolam ikan kat situ, pun ade byk sampah dlm tu. for how long it will be last?kesedaran sivik bermula dari rumah. teach our children to keep our earth clean and green.

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