Monday, May 4, 2009

suarasa tv9@Kota Bharu

here we suarasa tv9..finally..

the event took place on 1st and 2nd May 09 at perkarangan Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV, Kota Bharu. we went there on the 2nd day. Compared to jom heboh tv3, this was better in terms of place, time we were there, booths available, suasana, in short..sume best lah (ye lah..buat kat tanahairku..hehe).
booths available:
jacker, celcom, al-risalah, silky girl, fair n lovely and many more

booths visited:
- jacker ~ bought sth of RM 10
- al-risalah ~ exhibition about the program held
- others ~ tak sempat nak drop by - exhausted

at the time we arrived, on the stage, a group of dikir barat was preparing to perform a song (dikir barat) sempat nk tunggu heroes 'berona'..nak balik. but we could get their post before performance.

kumpulan dikir barat, waiting for performance

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