Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i need a break..please..





n such..

tidakkkkk....pause,pause for a while..

hey, im crazy on marking now. need some rest pleezzz..
wake up kakwe, cheer up, it's GREAT to hold red pen and having the script blank. then i just need to .. 'X'. hehe. same goes to if the answers given were in nice hand-written and smooth sentences. but NOT for the scripts that...yaa..u need to explain here.

i prefer calculation. love it very much actually. that's why i hold both degrees in accounting. and im thinking now (just thinking), nak hold degree in maths le plak..ahaks..

but right now, im not dealing with's E-Commerce subject. arggghhh...6 bundles to go....

to be continued...intermission..

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