Monday, May 25, 2009

kids and......'s my birthmonth...also for ilham - 2 years after landing time to the earth...birthmonth?..have u ever heard that word?..never? u heard that..heheh..

'hepi belated birthday to me and ilham'
'hepi belated birthday to me n ilham'
'hepi belated birthday to me n ilhammmm'
'hepi belated birthday to me n ilham'.
clap..clap..clap..fuhhh..tiup lilin.. (action je lah)

no birthday bash for's just enough wishing the special days for us from loving abah..
we love u n our family very very much..
but..i did provide some kind of muffins n birthday-thingy to 'taska Anis' - for small birthday bash to ilham. (thanks to cikgu Ana, kakak Yam n those who were involved on that day).

where's azami?..
he's waiting for his birthday's wish too..(nak jugakk)..7 months to go on before turning to 5. budak-budak..

talking about kids..i've something to share..have a look..

i noticed that ilham likes books. perhaps when i was expecting of him, i was taking my MA - dealing with a lot of books, articles, lap top and such, people said, 'anak 'menurun' apa yg ibunya buat masa mengandung'. he's good in holding pencil. when we are at home afterwork, sometimes, he'll have his books or just take out what's in azami's school-bag n..start kogha2 (conteng2 la) n sometimes asked me to pasang cd 'Lets learn English with Noddy'.'s good that way. hopefully such habits would continue forever.

what about azami?yaa..both kids love books. azami is committed in doing his homeworks. but cannot push him. talk slowly..n he'll do it on his own..done..same goes to reciting Iqra'..currently..he's at Iqra' 3..quite fast in learning..but im a little bit worry that he still cant read.

anyway, with u my kids beside me during all days without abah..u have made my life full of strong, independent, patience n cheer up my days with u all dh pandai fighting dh..hak kecik pun..tak padan ngan kecik .

but..we stil love u..very very much..
- umi n abah -

could u differentiate both?

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