Sunday, August 9, 2009

revaluation day ~ PERSIDA

my faculty were having family day on last sunday. this time, we have 2-day program, i only attended on the 2nd day ~ for sukaneka. i went there alone, left behind my kids with their abah...hehehe..(thanks my dear abe). the event were only attended by en. Hatta (ketua koordinator), en. Azman (koordinator program), masitah (penasihat PERSIDA), kak wati, nabilah, sunarti and kak naimah yahya. i have enjoyed senamrobik and breakfast. the rest of activities?huhu..missed them coz the lecturers wanna go back. no gang to enjoy with, then, i went back home, left masitah alone (maklum le..penasihat...kena tunggu smpi program habih le..ehehhe).
so frustrated. never mind. 'tomorrow is still have'.
our theme for this semster was 'tak lapuk dek hujan tak lekang dek panas'. the organizer (part 3 students) renamed the prgramme to be 'Revaluation Day' whereby revaluation (for our context) means to revalue the DIA students to become more creative and open-minded so that they can fit the current situation of globalisation.

p/s: thanks to masitah and the organizer, for the breakfast. see u in our next programmes.

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