Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black & Roses Night

pamphlet for the night

Dinner..?once again..

i love attending dinners.
this time, it was specially for degree students, organized by BACC6A from Mobac Association.
the first ever held dinner or farewell party to celebrate our 14 first batch degree students, produced by the Faculty.
The event took place at Hotel Seri Malaysia, attending by more than 10 gorgeous and smart lecturers as well as degree students that i couldnt recognize them in their super gorgeous grand, advance and hot (kalah i).

my a lot of thanks to:
  • my lovely abe - for allowing us to the dinner
  • wani - for transportation to and from the event
  • students - for their respects
  • kak wati (especially) - as the penasihat MoBac for the lucky draw gifts
azami, got new girlfriend

p/s: last, i dapat jugak hadiah lucky draw. For Kak Mai, you are memang the lucky person (jeles), you got the lucky draw's gift in almost every events. Congratulation..

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