Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project & coursework supervision course


too many courses have been attended so far and need to be attended in the future (owh man).

i've gone through 3 courses already, 1 course will be attending next week.

recently, i attended a course called 'kursus project & coursework supervision' - compulsory for new lecturers (im not so la).

looking at the course-name, i have no idea. But actually, it more specifically and supposed to be for those who deals with projects and studio-based learning or such - not much suitable for coursework-based learning. yet, no regret, i still could gain something from that 1 day-course.

- different level of thinking/knowledge (Bloom, 1956)

1) lower order -
  • knowledge
  • comprehension
2) intermediate -
  • application
  • analysis
3) higher order -
  • synthesis
  • evaluation
Bloom revised, adding with 'creation' n without 'synthesis' - as suggested by Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001.

conclusion: For assessment purpose, different marks allocation, timing and students for different types of questions

1) state 2 examples of foods - 1 mark each (in 1 minute)

2) describe what is meant by 'foods' - 5 marks (in 2 minutes)

3) discuss the meaning of 'foods' - 10 marks (in 10 minutes)

- 2 sides of brain (mustafa 1998, referred to the work of Gardner 1982, Martel and Kline 1989)

LEFT BRAIN = used to refer to those who love to find out sth; those who prefer more on:
  • language
  • mathematical formulae
  • numbers
  • sequence
  • linearity
  • analysis
  • words of song
RIGHT BRAIN = usually for those who love to create something; those who like:
  • form and patterns
  • spatial manipulation
  • rhythm and music
  • images/pictures
  • imagination
  • daydreaming
  • tune of a song
so, which brain are u referring to? who is behaving like the left brain, or the right one, or both?
u do have a brain, dont you?..heheeh

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