Thursday, March 12, 2009

2-day course

it was a compulsory course for new lecturers, named 'English for Effective Teaching'. It should be 'English for Effective Communication' as proposed by Pengarah kampus. The course was held on 10 to 11 march 2009 at auditorium. The objectives of this course were to increase the level of confidence among lecturers in using English during the lectures and also to expose them the effective techniques of communication using English language. Actually, it was a 2-day course, more on the group activities, like LDK and such. From 60 participants (should be lessser), it became 3 small groups consisted of 20 persons (or less) for a group. Luckily i was in the 3rd group as my name starts with 'w' and under supervision of En. Ahmad Noruddin (as a facilitator). Thanks a bunch sir..

what happened..

as usual, the course began with the keynote from PK.
next, started the LDK, Ice Breaking Session whereby we chose the partner whose birth date was closest. Finally, i'd got one guy, from fine art department. Then, we introduced each other in front of others at bilik tayangan 2- started to practise talking in english.

workshop 1, after lunch, was all about the pronounciation and dictionary skills. It was good enaugh to be in this workshop since it taught us on how to use the dictionary (the big and complete one). Those who were from APB or had background in studying english language might be bored attending this workshop as they knew already the dictionary skills. But, for me, it was ,actually, a new knowledge. Dealt with many unfamiliar symbols, how to pronounce the words according to that symbols and all sorts.

workshop 2 began the day. It was all about the questioning strategis, how to ask, when, types of questions, levels of questions, and so on.

next session was in audi - revised about the grammar.

the last session, what was called, sharing session 2: language in practice. During this session, we were required to give lecture/teach about anything and of course, in English. We were the 1st group, talking about 'how to reduce stress' and...we did it..thanks to my group members..the group of 5..nice to be in our group.

about it..
1) increase confidence
2) cant wait to enter the class with new feeling
3) talking in english at home
4) got new friends
5) the foods were delicious
6) this post appeared..

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