Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PKA 15@Nur Lembah Lenggong

Named, Program Kecemerlangan Akademik (PKA), is a university's program, compulsory to be held each semester by all faculties, including my respective faculty. Looking at the number, it was the 15th PKA held by us and now at Nur Lembah Lenggong, Perkampungan Latihan dan Rekreasi, about 30 minutes by car from bandar Grik and almost 2 hours from our place.

it was a program specifically for students whose current CGPA was 2.30 and below. This time, the participants only 20 which was suppossed to be 3+. Among the objectives of this programme were to motivate the said students so that they can perform better during the coming final exams, to release tension and to 'brainwash' their minds that they could get up and change their lives eventhough they were not performing very well currently.

activities held:
- jungle trekking
- treasure hunt
- flying fox - the best ever activity

special thanks to:
AJKs - for organizing the program
en OZ - as a motivator
dean's list students - as facilitators
students - for cooperation
nur lembah lenggong people - for meals, outdoor activities
all - for making this programme successful

p/s:penat, sakit urat and such, yet enjoy..

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