Sunday, January 24, 2010

blended learning ~ participant vs committee

today, i'm having a day course, the first ever course for this year 2010 attended and handled by me myself (hehe) as AJK Pendaftaran. right now we have break for lunch & friday prayer. time to blog a little bit. this year i was chosen as an AJK , my first say for handling this course as AJK pendaftaran along with Siti Nabilah; great, feel like im really doing my job coz i need to prepare all files, photocopy materials, fill the files with materials, arrange the mineral water and sweets on the table for participants, take attendance and so on so forth. i love that kind of works. (rasa macam buat kerja la sikit). that one the good one. any bad one?of course i do. ada la. will comment during postmortem. biasa la..first time.first try.

ok.what do we have today?

this course named 'blended learning'. it's all about transforming the process of learning using internet. in other words, we want to apply e-tutorial. just for tutorial session ,not meant for lecture session. meaning that, lecturer and students need not to seat for the class during tutorial session. they can just be online and communicate/ doing discussion through online. here, we are exposed to how to use the i-learn portal especially the i-discus system. through this system, we can post topics to be discussed with the students, and that will replace normal tutorial session. we also can conduct test/quiz online, upload notes, materials and anything for the purpose of learning and teaching. it's good to apply this as we should move forward and adapt with the technology. facebook, friendster, twitter, you name it, students already are expert in these advancements. they access it everyday. so, no reason that they couldnt access or do not know how to apply this new e-tutorial. they can survive. even they are more resourceful than us (regarding technology la).

this system hopefully could be applied by lecturers in total
our next event/course will be somewhere in february. hopefully it will be better organized.

p/s: thanks siti nabilah. try better for our next event

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