Sunday, September 27, 2009

MMP alumni

we, the ex-MMPs, with the greatest heart, proudly welcomed the first time ever held, the first launch of MMP alumni with among other objectives are to strengthen the silaturrahim among MMP's students and to take care of their needs in order to remain the good name of our beloved school.

MMP with the initiative from a few ex-MMPs took the first step to form an association after realizing that there is a need to help the place that has contributed a lot in helping us to be what we are today.

the event was held on the 3rd raya at Dewan Utama Asma' Abu Bakar MMP Kota Bharu, officially launched by YB Dato' Hj Nik Mohamad Amar bin Nik Abdullah, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Islam, Pendidikan & Dalwah Negeri kelantan, Pn Sakinah Salleh as the Presiden and Prof Dr Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani Azmi as the Penasihat. the majlis continued with the souveneir giving to ex-mudir and teachers and penyerahan sumbangan komputer as well as launching of tabung pelajar miskin.

this was a good start to gather all ex-mahadians and yes we did, but with a little bit frustrated as only 6 of us, from our batch of SPM'96, who actually attended in that gathering. maybe the rest were buzy or tak sampai maklumat. however, the feeling was covered as we managed to meet our beloved ex-ustazah, ustaz and teachers after 13 years continued our journey of life since SPM. i did recognize them:ustazah mariam, ustazah hasnah, cikgu ruzaini and cikgu unaizah..miss u a lot and thanks for being my teachers.

at the first sight when i arrived at mmp, my first impression was..'wei lok, my school has changed a lot'..yaa, it's true..sesuai la dgn perubahan masa..we are not in the past anymore. we must look forward. the one left that i've noticed was the dewan lama , the one that gave me n my friends a lot of good memories during our time. what happen to bangunan kelas lama belakang supermarket pantai timur? tk sempat nk round2 sekitar sekolah masa tu. masyaAllah, rupa2nya dh ada bangunan besar (i bet class kot) kat tmpt yg dulunya jadi tmpt laluan nk ke bangunan lama dan jugak ke kantin. bangunan kelas i masa form 5 dulu ada lg, tp kat tepi dia dh buat bagunan baru. bangunan kelas masa form 6 plak, dulunya dewan kat ground floor, but now, it turns to classes (ye la, not enough class le tu, almaklumlah, sekolah famous). and the above said event was held at totally new building that was not there during my time. back then, it was just a small field. our main field still remain undisturbed. ya Allah, miss my school very much.

p/s: hope to see others one day

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