Sunday, September 13, 2009

iftar at Hotel Seri Malaysia

for the first time, we broke our fast outside. at hotel plak tu..heheh..saje..abe nk try berbuka kat hotel. Hotel Seri Malaysia, offered 'berbuka package' during Ramadhan at RM 28 per adult and RM18 per child from 6 to 12 years. we didnt book for the place, just gambled for it. we went there as early as 5.30pm, registered the place and then window shopping at mall..heheh..sempat lg tu..almost 7pm, we arrived at hotel, took the foods and then, 'Allahummalakasumtu......'...uurrpp, alhamdulillah..completed for one more day of fasting..insyaAllah..

foods served?..ummph..not so bad, we took mee goreng, nasi berlauk, ayam goreng, laksa, sup, ikan bakar, fruits and drinks. worth it?so-so, time to pay bill. we were wrongly billed, as our ami n ilham also were charged. we got back our money but, without any apologizing from the hotel. muka receptionist pun nampk semacam je kat aku. hey, it's our right, isnt it?

i performed maghrib prayer at masjid and were at home alomost 9.30pm

p/s: thanks a lot my dear

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