Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Preschool briefing


i just came back from attending preschool meeting. There was a briefing regarding the preschool for 2010 session. i've posted one entry about azami is going to preschool next year (read here). i'm so excited and...speechless, it is time for azami moves one step forward in his life. time. sedar tak sedar, dh besar pun anak jate kito tu..

the briefing was all about the introduction, the activities held, school time, uniform, rules and of course the fees payment. and i thought, i was the younger mother with the first child going to school in the meeting..hehehe..yg lain nmpk macam dh berpengalaman je anak gi sekolah.

so, i've settled the fees, ordered the uniform and....settled all things. anything left, just to confirm the registration and collect all that supposed to be collected at the beginning of next year.

yg risaunye, habih kul 11.10pg, aku habih kuliah 11.50pg..cmna tu?

p/s: thanks a lot to Pn Nurishah, PK for the briefing and to all involved. thanks for the meals.

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