Tuesday, December 8, 2009

induksi oh induksi

heard that name, dh rasa gerun, runsing, risau, best..and many more..and i bet it is full with talk, talk n talk. yaa it did. talk after talk and after talk. how many talk to be listened to haaa.aarrgghhh..tensionnn. a lot of must-do-assignments. organize dinner lagi...

for those out there, this course is a prerequisite to be confirmed in the service.. so..in whatever means, whatever reasons, must attend and lulus dengan jayanya.no excuse. but..i want 'lulus dengan cemerlang'.hehhe.ambitious

-the largest participant has ever attended (used to 100++)
-the first time was held at puncak alam (sebelum ni kat pusat latihan), the first time for the organizer too, handling 400++ participants..
-paling kalut, kelam kabut, paling sibuk, paling byk keje,paling lama
-paling byk talk,paling kelakar,
-mcm2 peristiwa terjadi

and..actually, im still in puncak alam right now. blog a little bit about this experience. only on the day 8. still have 8 days to suffer.hehehe.be patient kakwe..u can do it..yes, yes, i can do it.

to be continued.

top view of the faculty

okay..day 15, at last..already submitted the assignmentsssss.what left?exams on the last day.tomorrow will be the exams.and back off to kb at night. cant wait.miss the loves one very much.

last night, we had grand dinner organised totally by us, participants. i was in technical bureau, handling all technical matters: mic, lptop, lcd projector, tv, sound system, lighting and so on. OMG, we did it perfectly, successfully. alhamdulillah. everything was smoothly done. thanks to all committees.

all about the dinner:

hall decoration

- we've turned the dewan makan to the exclusive and grand dinner hall.
- about 40 round tables, with recycle-mineral-water-bottle candle and origami on it
- 4 buffet stations (to fit 420 ladies n gentlemen)
-the hall surrounded by our own-made group flags (20 alltogether).
-3 VIP tables

Main Menu:

-nasi beriani/nasi putih
-ayam pedas
-udang pedas
-daging black pepper (tk mcm black pepper pun)

- caramel
-banana n pandan roll n cup cakes
-cold syrup, hot tea/coffee as beverages

- 9 superb performances;qoirs, bollydance, singing, pentomen, nasyid, video clips.
very unexpected, they are all so talented. i loved video clips,mostly the one showing what had happened through out 14 days we were here. it was just the slide show but very touching.

- i was impressed when 1 of us had created 1 song and presented in the form of qoir. i saw one of the urusetia, he seemed like 'kesat air mata', maybe touched by the song. and me too actually.


finally, the last day come, the most waited one, the most nervous time, the day of judgement. alhamdulillah.all went good. hilang segala masalah, segala perasaan marah, bad experiences. the only thing left was the feeling of happiness,relief n cant wait to go back.

p/s:thanks a bunch to wani for her car, amir, amran, my group members, Laboost, to all speakers, urusetia n all friends. see u again next time

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